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video and audio. Sound effects can be added, which provide useful feedback when on-screen buttons are selected. Beyond built-in menu support, the Blu-ray programming language can be used to construct just about any type of interactive user interface that can be imagined, limited only by the buttons on the remote control.
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ATM Testing ATM Testing: Deployment of ATM-Based Services 265
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Before a BD-Live application gets into action, it should be considered that just because a player has the capability to connect to the Internet, does not mean that the player is actually hooked up. One of the first steps for any BD-Live application should be to check whether or not a network connection is indeed available. Once this is confirmed, any of the above mentioned connection types sockets, HTTP, or HTTPS can be used to transfer data either from a server to the player, or from the player to a server.
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Inside global port number (new source port number) Outside global IP address (destination public address) Outside global port number (destination port number)
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Dolby TrueHD
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preemption occurs. To change the failover hello interval, use the polltime command. To change how many data interfaces have to fail before failover takes place, use the interface-policy command.
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Other Exterior Smart Home Projects
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If you want to clear the envelope now, notice that the Property Bar features the Clear Envelope button and other options as long as the docker is onscreen.
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Fig. 4.44 Flashing a Type-P Alternator
Here, strOb is assigned to iOb. However, strOb refers to an object that contains a string, not an integer. This assignment is syntactically valid because all NonGen references are the same, and any NonGen reference can refer to any other NonGen object. However, the statement is semantically wrong, as the commented-out line shows. In that line, the return type of GetOb( ) is cast to int and then an attempt is made to assign this value to v. The trouble is that iOb now refers to an object that stores a string, not an int. Unfortunately, without generics, the compiler won t catch this error. Instead, a runtime exception will occur when the cast to int is attempted. To see this for yourself, try removing the comment symbol from the start of the line and then compiling and running the program. A runtime error will occur. The preceding sequence can t occur when generics are used. If this sequence were attempted in the generic version of the program, the compiler would catch it and report an error, thus preventing a serious bug that results in a runtime exception. The ability to create type-safe code in which type-mismatch errors are caught at compile time is a key advantage of generics. Although using object references to create generic code has always been possible in C#, that code was not type-safe and its misuse could result in runtime exceptions. Generics prevent this from occurring. In essence, through generics, what were once runtime errors have become compile-time errors. This is a major benefit. There is one other point of interest in the NonGen program. Notice how the type of the NonGen instance variable ob is obtained by ShowType( ):
Value Syntax code | none | inherit Initial Value none Percentages
The modi ed sine curve (Chen, 1982; Schmidt, 1960) is a combination of quarter sine wave curves. In terms of its torsional action, the change from positive to negative torque occurs in over 40 percent of the travel time. This attribute makes this curve attractive as a choice in moving large masses such as indexing intermittent turrets. Its lower torque and power demand make the modi ed sine curve one of the best choices of curves. Figure 3.9a shows the basic cycloidal curve from which the combination curve is developed, and Fig. 3.9b shows the displacement and the acceleration diagram of the modi ed sine curve. The primed symbols used in the drawing refer to the basic cycloidal curve. One-half of the rise is divided into the following segments; the follower is accelerated b from A to B: from q = 0 to q = with a quarter sine wave, and the acceleration decreased 8 from q = b to q = b , again with a quarter sine wave. The equato zero from B to C 8 2 tions of cycloidal motion from A to B, given that b/8 is the length of the initial quarter sine wave, are: q 1 2q y = h sin 4p b 2p b y = y = h q 2 - 2 cos 4p b b 8p h q sin 4p . 2 b b
Focus on others. By focusing more on others than on yourself, you can move beyond your own framework into the worlds of other people. When you start to go inward and realize that you are likely to spend a great deal of time dwelling on your own responses, stop and ask yourself these questions: What is someone else [preferably someone directly involved in the event that has triggered your emotional reaction] experiencing What does he or she need
Table C-3 lists the files and folders added to the base installation folder, %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\icaweb32, for the Web Client location.
Here s an example of a log message resulting from a match on an ACL statement:
Intranet DVD jukebox
Sheikh Ibrahim s Method for Checking Gusset Plate Connections in Steel Truss
Arborizing vessels (yellow arrows) Pigmentation (white arrows) Ulceration (black arrows) Pigment network (boxes)
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