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Nines like to feel connected to or in strong rapport with people and things that they like. They most often blend or merge their energy in harmonious situations and with people who have a positive and interesting manner. They become internally distressed when they are around chronically negative, complaining people or when disharmony between individuals or in groups cannot be resolved.
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#include <iostream> using namespace std; class myclass { int i; public: void set_i(int n) { i=n; } int get_i() { return i; } }; int main() { myclass ob1, ob2; ob1.set_i(99); ob2 = ob1; // assign data from ob1 to ob2 cout << "this is ob2's i: " << ob2.get_i(); return 0; }
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Whether you re in a manufacturing, services, or public sector organization, managing human capital is important. Many companies find that hiring employees is extremely expensive both in time and money, and it is therefore advantageous to work to retain employees once hired. Some KPIs that might be used by a Human Resources department might include: Headcount Salary
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Starting a Program
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Fiber Optic Network Elements 470 Basic Telecommunications Technologies
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Figure 8-14 ADSpec guaranteed service object
the Tables and Views that were selected while defining the Data Source Connection in Planning Administration Console, as shown in Figure 7-8. From this drop-down list select the table or view that contains the dimension data. The DimEntity table is selected here for the purpose of the examples in this chapter. The next step is to map the PPS Planning Application dimension properties to the fields in the source table or view. The Application dimension properties are listed under the column titled Target dimension property to the left of the Specify dimension properties page. Clicking on the down arrow button to the right of each row in the Source dimension property column (to the right side of the page) will display the list of fields available in the selected source table or view. Using these buttons on each row, map the Application dimension properties to the appropriate fields in the source table or view. The Label and Name are required fields and should be mapped to data source fields. The optional fields can be mapped if data is available, or they can be left unmapped by selecting <None> in the Source dimension property column. The completed mapping for the Entity dimension is shown in Figure 7-20.
Although the program in the preceding section is correct, it is not resilient. Even the simplest network error will cause it to end abruptly. Although this isn t a problem for the example programs shown in this chapter, it is something that must be avoided in real-world applications. To fully handle all network exceptions that the program might generate, you must monitor calls to Create( ), GetResponse( ), and GetResponseStream( ). It is important to understand that the exceptions that can be generated depend upon the protocol being used. The following discussion describes the errors possible when using HTTP.
return 0; }
(competitive spirit, energy, positive influence, higher consciousness)
This program displays the following output. 22872 is the integer produced by putting the characters X and Y into the low- and high-order bytes, respectively, of count.
Remote data center
As mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, fully autonomous robots are not easy to build with vision capabilities the most difficult aspect of such system design. In the semiautonomous section, you learned about a few simple methods for a robot to see an opponent when it is close to your robot. But this robot still needed the human operator s eyes to get the job done.
The Internet is a huge community of millions of computers holding billions of pages of information and it s only getting bigger and bigger. Internet designers had to figure out a way for you to easily find what you want. To that end, IP addresses are used. These numbers, which you ve probably seen here and there, are four sets of digits separated by decimal points (like, for example). These are the addresses that the computers in your Smart Home will have to use to be able to connect together in a network.
26.3.2 Error detection
Treatment and follow up are similar to asymptomatic bacteriuria. Acute pyelonephritis should be treated with intravenous (IV) antibiotics and hospitalization. Suppressive antibiotics should be given following treatment to any pregnant patient treated for acute pyelonephritis
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cout << d.i << " "; // no longer ambiguous cout << d.j << " " << d.k << " "; cout << d.m; C++ return 0; }
Figure 19.9 Gated output power.
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