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Chemistry: Matter and Change 13
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receive-only (RO) satellite dishes designed to receive television signals transmitted via one or more satellites. Each satellite has a series of transponders that receive and rebroadcast TV signals; thus, you can consider the satellite transponder to represent a big audiovideo relay station in the sky. To ensure that the fixed location earth stations receive the TV signals throughout the day geostationary satellites are used. Such satellites orbit , the earth at a distance of approximately 26,000 miles above ground level, enabling the satellite to rotate in tandem with the rotation of the earth. In this manner the satellite stays in a fixed location relative to the ground, beaming such programming as HBO (Home Box Office), Showtime, the nightly news of major television networks, and other programs that many readers watch each day. SATELLITE RECEIVERS At the cable system headend, satellite receivers in the form of antennas mounted on an earth station or a nearby tower receive local programming from the immediate area. Both satellite-received programming and local programming are modulated by frequency onto the cable TV operator s network, with specific
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6. Using Numbers What are the electronegativities of the four metals used (Refer to
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of f /11 or higher (small aperture) when photographing a landscape, as shown in Figure 3-2. Select the lowest f-stop number (large aperture) when photographing a person, as shown in Figure 3-3.
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Deal with Shutter Lag
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Lifecycle cost
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Miscellaneous Functions
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Analysis of the kinetic energy is simpli ed greatly if the rigid body is restricted to move in a single plane of motion. Under this assumption, the motion can be generally described by the linear velocity at one point and the angular or rotational velocity of the body. While the linear velocity can, in general, vary from point to point in the body, the angular velocity is the same anywhere on the body and should always be described in units of radians/s in both SI and English systems of units. A further simpli cation may be made if the body rotates in the plane about some point on the body. A body rotates about a point if that point on the body remains stationary with respect to an iner-
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Each left shift multiplies by 2. You should notice that information has been lost after x << 2 because a bit was shifted off the end. Each right shift divides by 2. Notice that subsequent division will not bring back any lost bits.
Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
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