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The following section outlines MSI considerations during deployment of Applications using Installation Management. When applying more than one transform file for the same MSI, each installs different components, but applies them to the same MSI package. The selected components from the transforms do not get deployed, even though the installation job reports success. Recording MSP (Microsoft Patch) packages is unnecessary. You can browse through Installation Manager and add the *.msp file. You may uninstall a MSP package from the target server, but you cannot uninstall the patch from the server it was deployed to. If you need to apply another patch to the application installed on the target server, uninstall the application on the target server first, and then deploy the application and patch again. CAUTION When installing many MSI packages with or without Installation Manager, a memory leak may be detected in msiexec.exe. To avoid this issue, install the latest Windows 2000 service pack delivered by Microsoft.
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Of the same magnitude and At the same relative time from each of the cable plant anomalies
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1.3 Changes in CATV Regulations and Requirements
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Figure 31-3: The relationship of the DMZ to the firewall, actually creates 2 firewalls Note that the DMZ is another communications port on the firewall (typically, an Ethernet port with its own subnet address). The firewall may now have up to six sets of rules for traffic from the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Outside to inside Inside to outside Outside to DMZ DMZ to outside DMZ to inside Inside to DMZ
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Control Plane Protocol Mappings
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22.1.2 Basic fiber optic system
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of service (QoS). This is accomplished by having the user specify a committed information rate (CIR), which the network agrees to deliver, and some burst parameters that allow excess traffic in small amounts to pass through the network.
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Structures and Unions
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Message class MGMT MGMT Transfer SSNM
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Translation Process and Troubleshooting
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Responds Agent : Collects data. from an to get/set statements SNMP Manager and sends traps to specified destinations. Agent Agent
Inside the switch, notice how the goto is used to jump to other case statements or the default statement. Furthermore, notice that the case statements do not end with a break. Since the goto prevents one case from falling through to the next, the no fall-through rule is not violated, and there is no need for a break statement. As explained, it is not possible to use the goto to jump into a switch. If you remove the comment symbols from the start of this line
str++) ;
ob1 = 10 + ob2;
Part II:
that doesn t mean it s the best place for it. Don t let someone s desire to show off their programming talents drive the report design process. Instead, stay focused on the business needs, one version of the truth, and scalability. The next table summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of putting the intelligence in a user report.
Filling Objects
Previous chapters described some of the advantages that Voice over IP (VoIP) can offer over traditional circuit-switched telephony, such as lower cost of network implementation, integration of voice and data applications, new features, and potentially reduced bandwidth for voice calls. It would be nice if all telephony were to be carried over the Internet Protocol (IP) so that these advantages could be made available globally. Unfortunately, that day will not arrive for a long time. Replacing all traditional circuit-switched networks is not feasible, and perhaps not even desirable. Among other reasons, the cost would simply be exorbitant. Rather, one can expect a gradual evolution from circuit-switched to IP-based networks such that both types of networks will exist side by side for a very long time. Given that VoIP networks and traditional circuit-switched networks will have to coexist for many years, they will need to interwork as seamlessly as possible. In other words, users of existing circuit-switched systems should be able to place calls to VoIP users, and vice versa. In each case, the user should not have to do anything radically different from simply calling another user on the same type of network. The challenge therefore is to develop solutions that make such seamless interworking possible.
From a Service Provider s standpoint, the CESoE is actually just an Ethernet
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