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Several protective countermeasures can be taken that will reduce risks associated with the use of wireless networks. These countermeasures include: Use an obscure SSID The SSID (Service Set IDentifier) should be changed from the default, but should not obviously identify the organization that operates it. Doing so would invite intruders and curious persons to try and penetrate the known network. Stop broadcast of SSID Broadcast of the access point s SSID should be disabled. Granted, this is a weak countermeasure because determined intruders who use more advanced tools do not need to see a network s SSID to know it is there: They have tools to directly sniff packets from the airlink, whether the access point is broadcasting its SSID or not. This measure does, however, act as a mild deterrent for those who are less skilled. Reduce transmit power The transmit strength of the Wi-Fi RF transmitter should be reduced to the lowest level that will still permit reliable use. This will prevent any distant eavesdropper from easily detecting the network. Use MAC access filtering Wi-Fi access points can usually be configured to permit only those computers whose MAC addresses are present in a list of allowed addresses. Use WPA encryption Because WEP has been compromised, WPA or WPA2 encryption should be used. Require VPN Organizations that are concerned that WPA may also be compromised can configure their Wi-Fi architecture so that VPN connections must be established for users to connect to the corporate LAN. Change default passwords Administrative user IDs and passwords on new Wi-Fi access points should be changed before they are put into use. Patches and upgrades Before new Wi-Fi access points are put into general use, network administrators should make sure that they contain the latest firmware or software. This is especially important if any vulnerabilities have been found in older versions.
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Networks here and elsewhere in the book refer to a set of interconnected devices at physically diverse points. They do not indicate the specific technology used to interconnect. 39 Telecommunications has evolved from analog to more efficient digital transmission, from being primarily circuit-switched to being a mixture of circuit-switched and packetized; from using exclusively copper to using some fiber, and so on.
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What goes around comes around, as the saying tells us. People have been building commuter-based electric cars that are getting a lot of attention and are now increasing in sales. The Tango by Commuters Cars Corporation (seen in Figure 3-17), the Corbin Sparrow, and Phoenix Motorcars are great examples. While they are different looking than most cars, they are electric, get over 70 mph, and have a significant range (100 plus miles). As we have seen, people have been successfully converting internal combustion vehicles to EVs for at least the past 35 years. This entire period has been marked by an almost total absence of comments about this activity from the naysayers. It is ironic that while electric cars were around before the internal combustion engine, and will also be around after them, the common thinking of today is that the development of electric cars has followed a path from gas, to gas hybrid, to plug-inhybrid, to electric.
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According to Bill Rogers, the publisher of Biometric Digest, over a dozen credit unions in the U.S. have adopted biometrics for customer service applications. Table 18-1, based on Rogers industry research, shows some of the leading examples. In this section, we discuss how one credit union, serving 3,300 members in Virginia s Tidewater region, is using biometrics for customer service.
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What is the most likely cause of infertility in a normally menstruating woman <30 years old How can PID be prevented
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Repair and Rehabilitation
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