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NOTE Throughout this chapter, the term objects refers to BI content stored in the repository, not a
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The Analog Modem History
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The XML Comment Tags
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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
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The more uses to which a single identification number is put, the broader a dossier the authorities can compile on any one individual. Are there ways to shield those who object from unwarranted scrutiny while serving the public policy interests of fraud reduction, immigration control, or public safety Many public-sector jobs require a background check and submission of fingerprints and are thus legitimate checkpoint events (since it adds very little to what is already an intrusive process that citizens voluntary undergo). Should a person s being hired for a private-sector job also be a checkpoint event for a national ID card check Mid-1990s concerns over illegal immigration, did, in fact, drive an earlier wave of proposals for a mandatory national ID card system. Mandating a national ID card would make it difficult for employers of illegal aliens to claim that they broke the law inadvertently since their hiring had to be correlated with some identification presentation. On-the-job presentation
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Jobhunting Resources and Development Tools
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IEC International Electrotechnical Commission. IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. An electronics standards body. IEEE 1394 A standard for transmission of digital data between external peripherals, including consumer audio and video devices. Commonly used with DV camcorders. Also known as FireWire or i.Link. IFE In-flight entertainment. IFPI International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. An organization of sound recording producers and distributors. The IFPI focuses on fighting music piracy and protecting the economic wellbeing of the international recording industry iHD The name originally given to the HD DVD advanced interactivity specification during development in the DVD forum. Not to be confused with, Internet High Definition, a standards organization for Internet video. See Hdi. I-MPEG Intraframe MPEG. An unofficial variation of MPEG video encoding that uses only intraframe DCT compression. I-MPEG is used by DV equipment. import To convert media or data from one form to another. in mux Elementary streams multiplexed into a single stream. Compare with out of mux. INCITS International Committee for Information Technology Standards. Formerly known as NCITS (from 1996-2002) and Accredited Standards Committee X3, Information Technology (from 1961 to 1996). INCITS is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is operated by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI). Its mission is to produce market-driven, voluntary consensus standards in the area of information technology. (See SFF 8090). integer transform An invertable, lossless, block transform used in VC-1 and for 4 4 blocks in AVC. Has advantages over DCT, which is lossy. inter- A prefix meaning between or across. For example, interframe means spanning multiple frames. interactive The capability of a format such as BD or DVD to respond to commands issued by a user and prompt a user to issue commands. Interactive Audio Audio (LPCM only) in HDMV or BD-J that is mixed with Primary Audio and Secondary Audio. Interactive Graphics One of the two graphic planes of BD. In HDMV mode, the Interactive Graphics data stream is used to generate menus. In BD-J mode, menus are generated by Java programs using the HAVi HGraphicsDevice model. Compare to Presentation Graphics. interface jitter Deviation in timing of data transitions on an interface signal with respect to an ideal clock. interframe Something that occurs between multiple frames of video. Interframe compression takes temporal redundancy into account. Contrast with intraframe. interlace A video scanning system in which alternating lines are transmitted, so that half a picture is displayed each time the scanning beam moves down the screen. An interlaced frame is made of two fields. interleave To arrange data in alternating chunks so that selected parts can be extracted while other parts are skipped over, or so that each chunk carries a piece of a different data stream. In DVD, used for seamless multi-angle and director s cut features, in which multiplexed streams are subsequently interleaved to allow seamless playback of alternate program material. interpolate To increase the pixels, scan lines, or pictures when scaling an image or a video stream by averaging together adjacent pixels, lines, or frames to create additional inserted pixels or frames. This generally causes a softening of still images and a blurriness of motion images because no new information is created. Compare to filter. intra- A prefix meaning inside or within. For example, intraframe means within a single frame.
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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From top left to bottom right, LEGO RCX brick, Handy Board, Basic Stamp 2, BrainStem, Lineo, OOPic, traditional R/C receiver, and the Pontech servo controller.
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Frequency Synthesizer Design
In the foregoing discussion of inheritance and class hierarchies, an important question may have occurred to you: When a derived class object is created, whose constructor is executed first, the one in the derived class or the one defined by the base class For example, given a derived class called B and a base class called A, is A s constructor called before B s, or vice versa The answer is that in a class hierarchy, constructors are called in order of derivation,
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