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Selecting and Moving Characters with the Shape Tool
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zooming in, zooming out while using the Zoom Tool is directed by the location of the Zoom Tool cursor onscreen. If you want, for example, to zoom out to the upper right of a page, you put the cursor at the upper right of the page and then right-click. To zoom out while any tool is selected, press F3.
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Microsoft s tutorials on digital photography and Windows XP.
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Plan detail
If you step into any Radio Shack, you ll be assaulted by all the different types of audio cable out there. To demystify it (at least a little), there are a couple important things to look for when selecting your cabling:
Summary of Recommendations
Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference
DVD Studio
The preceding section on program management is concerned with the high-level view across many projects. This section on project management takes a closer look at the management of individual projects. A project is a coordinated and managed sequence of tasks that results in the realization of an objective or goal. The effort may be performed by a single individual or many. A project s duration may be a few days or as much as two years or longer.
Related Functions
6 (a) Untagged frame destination_address 6 (b) VLANtagged frame destination_address 6 (c) S-tagged frame destination_address
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Secure Network
Quality of Service (QoS)
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