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teacher. 2. Return all lab equipment to its proper place. 3. Report any broken or damaged equipment. 4. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the lab.
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Despite the fact that UNIX isn t perfect, the rapid availability of fixes for bugs and holes nearly as quickly as they are discovered means those diligent system administrators can maintain a very secure OS. Our security experts generally agree that the preferred OS is UNIX for firewalls and proxy servers. (There are frequently reports of break-ins to Web servers, and the more noteworthy are those belonging to the Department of Defense because they should know better. In practically every case, the hole (or weakness) exploited by the hacker is a known hole, the fix for which has been available from the newsgroup for six to nine months before the attack took place. The fault lies then with sloppy or nonexistent system administration.) An equal number of holes exist in proprietary operating systems; however, one must wait for the vendor to release a patch. This isn t always a speedy process.
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#include <iostream> #include <conio.h> using namespace std; void xyout(char *str, int x = 0, int y = 0); int main() { xyout("hello", 10, 10); xyout(" there"); xyout("I like C++", 40);
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At the core of exception handling are try and catch. These keywords work together, and you can t have a catch without a try. Here is the general form of the try/catch exception-handling blocks: try { // block of code to monitor for errors } catch (ExcepType1 exOb) { // handler for ExcepType1 } catch (ExcepType2 exOb) { // handler for ExcepType2 }
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from the other two relationships. For example, suppose that textbook T l is used in two offerings, 0 1 and 0 2 and by two students, SI and S2. K n o w i n g these two facts, y o u do not know the relationship between students and offerings. For example, SI could be en rolled in 0 1 or perhaps 0 2 . Likewise, the relationship between offerings and textbooks (OfferNo-TextNo) knowing w h o enrolls in an offering and what textbooks a student uses. However, the relationship between students and textbooks (StdSSN-TextNo) can be derived by the other two relationships. For example, if student SI is enrolled in offering 0 1 and offering 0 1 uses textbook T l , then y o u can conclude that student SI uses text book T l in offering 0 1 . Because the Student-Offering the relationship instances. Because o f this independence, the Enrol! table and the related associative entity type Enroll have redundancy. To remove the redundancy, replace the Enroll entity type with two binary relationships (Figure 7.8). Each binary relationship converts to a table as shown in Tables 7.7 and 7.8. The Enroll and Orders tables have n o redundancies. For example, to delete a student's enrollment in an offering (say SI in 0 1 ) , only one row must be deleted from Table 7.7. In contrast, two rows must be deleted from Table 7.6. and the Offering-Textbook relationships are independent, y o u know the textbooks used by a student without storing cannot be derived. A professor's choice for a collection o f textbooks cannot be derived by
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Table 29-2: The routing table for route R-2. Destination** All others Next Hop Hops 1 2 1 3 1 Port# A C A C A
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Recording Macros
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C++ from the Ground Up
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Part I:
Auditing and Risk Assessment
9: Interfaces, Structures, and Enumerations
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Answer: b
C++ from the Ground Up
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Basically, there are promising developments in the areas of Applications, Technology, Fiber Deployment, and Standards. Given that most of these are also mutually reinforcing, they will cause aggressive growth in demand for Carrier Ethernet services. Existing Substitutes do not appear to pose a major threat; the bigger fear is that of hitherto unknown solutions emerging to address an ostensibly very attractive market in the longer term. Regulation, while unknown in its impact (hence, the question mark in Figure 16.6 and in Table 16.9), is not likely to be a significant influencer especially when competition is expected to be fierce (benefiting the end user and hence precluding the need for regulatory oversight). Given the intense competition amongst Service Providers, it will likely make the (Service Provider) economics less attractive (since more competition usually means a reduction in end-user pricing, which in turn reduces the profitability for Service Providers). Because profitability is a key performance criterion for Service Providers, it is to be expected that Service Providers will try and reduce the cost structure associated with delivering Carrier Ethernet, while incorporating as many of the underlying feature attributes of Carrier Ethernet as possible. This will certainly lead to a corresponding evolution in the existing solutions delivering Carrier Ethernet.
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