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Choose an outline Opens the width or type in a Outline Pen Dialog (F12) new width
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Figure 9.4 Side-by-side correlation of the seven-layer OSI Reference Model and the appropriate
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The operator pair += tells the compiler to assign to x the value of x plus 10. Here is another example. The statement
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9. On the 2600-1, verify the operation of OSPF. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eRouters icon and choose 2600-1. Use the show ip protocols command to make sure that OSPF is configured check for the neighboring router s update. Use the show ip route command and look for the remote LAN network number as an OSPF (O) entry in the routing table. Use the show ip ospf neighbor command to view your neighboring router. 10. On Host1, test connectivity to Host3. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eStations icon and choose Host1. On Host1, execute this: ping The ping should be successful.
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LMI defines how the Frame Relay DTE and DCE interact and is locally
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Immediate notification of faults is critical, through a system designed to recognize and prioritize problem events that have potential to lead to some form of network failure. The notification could be an on-screen color change, an e-mail message triggered to a distribution list of network staff, a message triggered to a pager, or a report generated. Growing intelligence built into the network grants the ability to self-diagnose and present network staff with a well-defined path to resolution. Network symptoms for particular problems can be characterized and programmed into diagnostic equipment. A combination of symptoms might generate a probable list of problem causes for network staff to pursue. Network staff intervention and decision-making still are needed, however. Growing ability for the network to self-heal provides such things as automatic redundant paths defined for network links that fail.
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Table 6.9 Sample spreadsheet for check bolts for strength I, III, and V load combinations (continued). Strength I / III Axial Force Sec. ( ) ( ) Rn If Rn/Rt > 1 OK Service II Condition Service II Axial Force LOCATION 1 R = (H2 + V2)0.5 LOCATION 2 LOCATION 3 NO. OF BOLTS Force/Bolt = R/N Service II Slip Resistance Rt = R/N, ( ) = 1 AASHTO LRFD Sec. Eq.1 Rn = Kh Ks Ns Pt Tables If Rn /Rt >1 OK 0.6 Table 2 0.33 Table 3 2 39 Table 1 1.344 15.444 Kh Ks Ns Pt 26.7 25.6 Slip-Critical 11.4913 Rn 56 100.9 10 15 22.7 15 10 10696.1 325 325 103.422 18.0278 18.0278 9 11.4913 Horiz.Comp. Vert.Comp. SMSQ Resultant Diagonal Horizontal SMSQ ( s) 1 7.722 2.5700 Resultant
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The pop-up menu shows that bars in an Analytic Chart can do more than just drill down.
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The Component pull-down menu offers ways for managing components that are to be added to your project. Figure 28-12 shows the menu under the Component option. The first section creates or manages components for your project. New Component opens a dialog box where you can create new components to be added into your project. Install Component lets you choose a predefined component to add into your project. Import ActiveX Control displays a dialog box, as shown in Figure 28-13, where you can select a registered control to be added to the active project. The next item is Create Component Template. The Create Component Template item allows you to create template components that can be configured with specific values and added to your project. The last section manages packages and configuration palettes. The Install Packages option allows a package or component to be selected. It displays a dialog box as shown in Figure 28-14.
As noted before, this structure is just one of the virtually limitless number of modeling approaches that you can have for creating a financial projection model. Generally, there are two main approaches to building a model if we want to organize the inputs and outputs: (1) to put both the input and the output on one sheet and (2) to separate the input and the output onto separate sheets. However, I propose a third way in which the input sheet of the model contains both rows for inputs and rows to show the results. There still will be the output sheets, but these will read the results already calculated in the input sheet. Put Inputs and Outputs on One Sheet
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Introducing Data Types and Operators
WLAN Devices
Figure 12-9: Comparing the frames When the frame is then segmented into cells, the DXI frame address and the FUNI frame address fields can both be mapped to a VPI/VCI in ATM by using the same process. Frame Relay interworking functions can use the same addressing map. The Frame Relay to ATM interworking functions can also use other mapping of the data formats. The next step from the original frame format is to segment the FUNI frame into ATM cells, using a mapping of the frame address into an ATM VPI/VCI. This is shown in Figure 12-10 where the actual header information is segmented into the cells and delineated into the appropriate VPI/VCI. The Congestion Notification (CN) bit performs much the same function as the Forward Explicit Congestion Notification (FECN) bit in Frame Relay. The network will set this bit during periods of network congestion in the same direction as the traffic flow where the congestion exists. The Frame Relay Backward Explicit Congestion Notification (BECN) bit does not have a suitable equal in the FUNI or the DXI.
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