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Thickness Substrate thickness Spacing Layer thickness Hard coat thickness Diameter Center hole diameter Clamping area diameter Burst cutting area (BCA) diameter Lead-in diameter Data diameter (12-cm disc) Data diameter (8-cm disc) 1.2 mm ( 0.3) (two bonded substrates) 0.1 (SL) or 0.75 mm (DL) plus 1.1 mm ( 0.003)a 0.025 mm ( 0.005) 2 m 120 ( 0.3) or 80 mm 15 mm (+0.10/-0.00) 23.0 to 33.0 mm 42 (+0.0/-0.6) to 44.4 (+0.4/-0.0) mm 44.0 to 44.4 mm (+0.4/-0) 48.0 (+0, -0.2) to 116.2 mm 48.0 (+0/-0.2) to 76.2 mm
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The customer can look at the next capacity available (i.e., OC-12 (622M)) but will then have to pay an extra amount for the additional 122M capacity that the customer will not use for another 12 months. The customer can defer until it needs the full 622M (12 months later); in this case, the customer is obviously making do with severely limited bandwidth capacity, which will inevitably have an adverse impact on the customer applications (at least for another 12 months). Of course, this also means the Service Provider will lose potential revenues for another 12 months.
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Intangibles Other long-term assets Total assets Liabilities Notes payable (short-term debt) Accounts payable Other current liabilities Current portion of long-term debt Total current liabilities Senior debt Subordinated debt Other long-term liabilities Total liabilities Shareholders equity Common stock Preferred stock Treasury stock Retained earnings Other equity account Total shareholders equity Total liabilities and shareholders equity
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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the governing force in the United States that controls all wireless communications. The FCC does this by allotting spectrum for the various wireless services, by licensing users of this spectrum, and by setting the power, stability, spurious signals, and bandwidth limits of all equipment capable of RF transmissions. Even receiving equipment is controlled by law, as it must not radiate excessively (this receiver radiation is due to the LO power reaching the antenna). Keeping electromagnetic interference to a minimum is vital so that operators of wireless equipment as well as users of other devices (such as telephones, navigation equipment, and televisions) will be able to enjoy relatively interference-free performance. The FCC accomplishes this task by mandating that any device you design, whether it be a transmitter or a receiver, must have some type of FCC equipment authorization if it is to be sold, leased, or advertised to any individual or company; unless such sale is to the federal government or to a foreign country.
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Installation and Configuration
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Inmedia Slides and Sound
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10.1.2 Multiplexing incompatible traffic types
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The foreach loop is an excellent choice in this application because searching an array involves examining each element. Other types of foreach applications include such things as computing an average, finding the minimum or maximum of a set, looking for duplicates, and so on. As you will see later in this book, foreach is especially useful when operating on other types of collections.
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ONU triplexer design, filter requirements, and so on. The downstream channel cannot utilize dual rate transmission in a single wavelength channel due to lack of burst mode transmission i.e., the OLT sends towards the ONUs a continuous data stream, consisting of IDLE characters when there is no real data to send. the upstream channel coexistence will most likely be resolved via TDM multiplexing, where different data rate bursts will be received by the OLT, identified and then processed accordingly (the so-called dual rate burst mode transmission). The selected solution presents a number of technical hurdles which will have to be overcome, such as burst data rate detection, adjustment of trans-amplifier gain, and so on, and are currently under intensive study in the formed ad-hoc groups. The dual rate burst mode transmission in the upstream channel is considered a viable solution mainly due to the proximity of zero chromatic dispersion point for the G.652 SMF which is the most common type of optical fibre used in PON systems.
FIgure 5-5 Diagram of seven of the 22 possible distributions listed in Table 5-2. The seven distributions shown include the three distributions with the largest number of permutations and four distributions from among those with the fewest number of permutations.
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