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Embed Code-128 in Software 7: Esoteric Biometrics

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Part II:
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API Creators
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More is better In a mesh network, each node serves not only as an access point to the network but also as a part of the network s infrastructure. Each new node added to a mesh network provides an additional level of redundancy and capacity. In a mesh network, growing the size of the network mostly means strengthening the network by increasing the redundancy and capacity of the network. This is unlike many other types of networks where adding a new element means adding overall load to the network and perhaps weakening it as a consequence. Gradual growth Mesh architecture allows for gradually increasing the reach of the network, therefore obviating the need for large upfront investment in a network infrastructure. This benefit is derived from the fact that, in mesh networks, each node also serves as the core of the network from which the network can be further extended; the network can be extended either from the outer edge of the mesh or from somewhere deep within the mesh. This benefit facilitates deployment on a more need-to-grow basis.
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FIGURE 2.12.
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When beginning a project, it s usually best to cruise the installed fonts drop-down list in CorelDRAW, see what you think is an appropriate typeface choice, find fonts that work harmoniously if you need more than one typeface in the design, and then, if you re drawing a blank, check out the typefaces you own but have not installed. It s generally a bad idea to pick the first font on the installed fonts list; Arial is a good workaday font, but it s most appropriate for text on aspirin bottles and caution signs because of its legibility at small point sizes and its authoritative, Spartan (yet clean) look. The following sections describe the anatomy of a font, what stroke width means, serifs, and font characteristics and basically explain why a typeface looks the way it does and therefore becomes appropriate for a design idea. Also, the better you understand the characteristics of characters, the better you ll be able to communicate a specific need to a typographer or a pressman, and to conduct a quicker search on your drive and the Web for the typeface you need.
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Repeatable but intuitive
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Thereafter, you would use EFL. Model sentence structure on business conversation; thus, you may begin sentences with but, because, and, or so, for example. Use standard margins. Close your communication with Regards, Yours, or another favorite business term. Sign or type your rst name. Assume prior knowledge (if it exists). To maintain the most informal style, be sure to: Refer to people by their rst names. Use acronyms. Use relaxed sentence structures, such as phrases instead of sentences, and frequently begin sentences with words such as but, because, and, or so. Avoid letterhead; instead, use memo pads, sticky notes, or send your message via E-mail. Close with your rst name or initials (even in E-mail). Assume a great deal of prior knowledge; abbreviations, acronyms, and references to inside information are common. Maintain a proper business-like look and feel.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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