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10.4.7 Deck Concrete Failure Mechanisms
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Editing Objects
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Installing the ICA Win32 Program Neighborhood Agent with the Windows Installer Package
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Now that you have two contexts, all user queries will be affected in one of three ways, sometimes with user prompting and sometimes without prompting: When a user selects objects from tables purely within one context (CALENDAR_ YEAR_LOOKUP, SHOP_FACTS, ARTICLE_LOOKUP), BusinessObjects XI is smart enough to know which context or join path to use to generate the SQL. The user is not prompted to choose a context. When a user selects objects from both contexts, for example, sales and promotion costs by article and month, both contexts need to be used and BusinessObjects XI will intelligently generate two separate SQL statements and seamlessly stitch the results together in one report. Some vendors refer to this functionality as Multipass SQL. As the administrator, you must make sure you have the correct Parameters | SQL settings (see 7) to allow this or users will see the error message shown earlier.
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The appliances keep track of the connections going through them by placing connection information in a state/connection table, called a conn table. Remember that the appliances are only stateful for TCP and UDP connections by default, but can also be stateful for ICMP. The appliances allow traffic from a lower-level-security interface to a higherlevel one if there is a corresponding entry in the connection table. An entry is placed in the connection table in two basic ways: A connection is added when a TCP or UDP connection is initiated from a higher-level interface to a lower one this allows the returning inbound traffic to the source. A connection is added when inbound traffic is allowed by an ACL and a connection matches a permit statement this allows the returning outbound traffic to the source.
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(S12S21) S12 S21 (S12 S21)
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// Demonstrate string comparisons. using System; class CompareDemo { static void Main() { string str1 = "alpha"; string str2 = "Alpha"; string str3 = "Beta"; string str4 = "alpha"; string str5 = "alpha, beta"; int result; // First, demonstrate the differences between culture-sensitive // and ordinal comparison. result = String.Compare(str1, str2, StringComparison.CurrentCulture); Console.Write("Using a culture-sensitive comparison: "); if(result < 0) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " is less than " + str2); else if(result > 0) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " is greater than " + str2); else Console.WriteLine(str1 + " equals " + str2); result = String.Compare(str1, str2, StringComparison.Ordinal); Console.Write("Using an ordinal comparison: "); if(result < 0) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " is less than " + str2); else if(result > 0) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " is greater than " + str2); else Console.WriteLine(str1 + " equals " + str4); // Use the CompareOrdinal() method. result = String.CompareOrdinal(str1, str2); Console.Write("Using CompareOrdinal(): "); if(result < 0) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " is less than " + str2); else if(result > 0) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " is greater than " + str2); else Console.WriteLine(str1 + " equals " + str4); Console.WriteLine(); // Use == to determine if two strings are equal. // This comparison is ordinal. if(str1 == str4) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " == " + str4); // Use != on strings. if(str1 != str3) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " != " + str3); if(str1 != str2) Console.WriteLine(str1 + " != " + str2);
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2 = -5000 and a 2 =2500 or a = 5 0 . a2 5000 The second derivative of P: P"= -5000(-2a-3) = - is positive for all positive a3 values of a, so a = 50 is a minimum.
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Here s an unexpected convenience: you can perform calculations in num boxes using simple math equations to arrive at a value you need. Type symbols between values to create the equation sequences. Use your plus (+) and minus ( ) keys for adding and subtracting, and your asterisk (*) and forward slash (/) keys for multiplying and dividing. Pressing ENTER performs the calculation. Naturally, you can t enter invalid keystrokes in a value box, such as alphabetical letters you ll just get a system beep after pressing ENTER and the previous, proper, numerical value will reappear.
Joe Porcelli and Da ve Kimmins of Operation Z s Nissan.
Typical Deployment Scenarios
NOTE If the server is a 32-bit server and the path is correct, all the 32-bit servers in the list will be correct as well. Similarly, the same is true if you select a 64-bit server and the path is correct. 4. After you identify the servers with the incorrect paths, select all the servers with the incorrect paths and click Edit Configuration. 5. In the Command Line field, type the correct location of the published application. 6. Correct the Working Directory, if necessary. 7. Click OK. Then, click OK again to return to the Management Console. Similarly, the installation paths you may choose to specify when installing applications may be different on 32-bit and 64-bit servers in your farm. The same procedure as the previous one can be used to specify your applications customized locations.
Deletes the specified resource. Echoes the request back to the browser so that the client can see which servers are adding or changing in the request. Returns HTTP methods that the server supports for the given URL. This can be used to check the functionality of a web server. Converts the request connection to a transparent TCP/IP tunnel. It s usually used to facilitate SSL-encrypted communication through an unencrypted HTTP proxy.
Character-Based File I/O
recording scars, ridges, or even tattoos. However, large rings, bandages, and gloves can change the image and resultant measurements sufficiently to cause a false rejection (or false non-match). RSI uses the silhouetted images to calculate the length, width, thickness, and surface area of the four fingers of interest; the thumb is not used. More than 90 measurements are taken, and the hand and fingers characteristics are represented as a 9-byte template. Pattern matching involves computing the Euclidean distance between the sample acquired and the template of the claimed identity. A threshold test is applied to the computed value. During enrollment, which takes approximately 30 seconds, the user places a hand in the reader three times. The unit s internal processor and software generate the 9-byte template, an average of the three readings taken during enrollment. Interestingly, our hands tend to be mirror images of one another, so many people can enroll with the right hand and use the left hand, turned upside down, for verification. Figure 3-4 shows the top image from a hand geometry reader in black and white to enhance the silhouette effect that makes segmentation easy to perform. Biomet Partners technology is similar to RSI s, but it draws on the shape and characteristics of the index and middle fingers from either hand, and not the entire hand itself. The data is saved as a 14- to 20-byte template that permits identification searches for small populations as well as verification of claimed identity. This system has two pins that separate the index and middle fingers sufficiently to be able to measure them individually. No side view image is captured, as the thickness of the fingers is not measured.
two measures: Sales Amount and Gross Profit. Both are relatively large numbers, with Sales Amount showing approximately $110 million and a Gross Profit of approximately $12.5 million. Gross Profit Margin, on the other hand, is a very small number, having a value of just .1143 (11.43%). Because this chart is comparing large numbers to a percentage, it automatically moves the Gross Profit Margin to the right-hand Y-axis and makes its series type a line, while the other two measures are represented by bars. In this case, because the X-axis has only a single value, the line appears as a single point. Note that rearranging the measures to put the percentage first will show the entire point, as it will place the point in front of the bar. Viewing this particular chart in the Browse window and drilling down on the Product Model Lines hierarchy allows the users to see the Gross Profit Margin line that appeared as a single point before. Figure 6-16 shows what this looks like.
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