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voice, data, and video were carried in SONET cells. As the saying goes, bit are bits, and as long as the bytes are accounted for in the SONET, all goes well. But as time goes by, everything gets old, SONET included. Next-generation SONET is on the drawing board and rest assured will be completely compatible with old SONET. The interconnection of systems is illustrated in Figure 8-15. 8.311 When a coaxial-based system is replacing its coaxial trunk with optical ber, planning the location and network position of the optical-toRF and RF-to-optical nodes is important. The positioning of such nodes in the system can drastically affect the cost of the upgrade. The nodes are often referred to as the upstream /downstream converters. Several manufacturers of electronic equipment designed for such nodes often provide little or no-cost services to the prospective buyer. Cable system operators must remember that all of the paying subscribers are connected to these nodes. The procedure often starts with a system map, where the location
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While costs of any new technology have to be carefully considered, casinos, because of the high emphasis they place on security, do not regard the money spent on facial recognition as much of a hindrance. Compared to the overall security budget for a casino, the cost of adding facial recognition is almost insignificant. In a May 2000 Security Watch article entitled, Facial Recognition Ready for Prime Time Charles Gaunther of Trump Marina estimated that, We probably saved the price of the system in the first six months. (For more information, go to http://www.bbpnews.com/pdf/PT.pdf.) Casinos also already have the necessary surveillance camera infrastructure, and facial recognition taps into this legacy network. Therefore, the marginal cost of adding facial recognition systems to this infrastructure is low because the major investments have already been made. To encourage casinos to try the technology, the leasing arrangements that many facial recognition vendors offer do not require casinos to make an outright commitment to the technology. For example, a casino can add a facial recognition capability for as little as $675 a month. The casino can always discontinue
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TABLE 26-7
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is no force reversal at the operating speed. For spring-loaded open-track cam systems to be fully effective in eliminating backlash the spring must be applied not just to the follower but also at a point in the output transmission that affects all signi cant clearances. In summation, the complete action of the roller follower as it rides on the cam is unknown as it rolls, slides, and impacts the cam surface during its cycle of operation. Spring Surge. For open-track cam-follower systems, the force loading compression spring has the basic function of keeping the cam and follower in contact. At high speeds, a phenomenon occurs that may seriously reduce the effective force of the spring, allowing the follower to leave the cam, even though considerable surplus spring force was provided. This is called spring surge. It is a torsional wave transmitted through the wire up and down the spring at the natural frequency of the spring. It has been found to be a state of resonance at the natural frequency of the spring with the cam high-amplitude harmonics. Preventing spring surge is simple. In general, the lower the harmonic number, the higher are the vibratory amplitudes. Therefore, the natural frequency of the spring should be high enough so that if resonance occurs it will be with higher harmonic numbers and vibratory amplitudes will be kept to a minimum. The harmonic number should be 11 or higher. However, a ratio as low as 9 may be used with good follower dynamics and a smooth acceleration curve. In modeling the system, it is common practice to consider that the weight of the spring substituted should be one-third the total spring weight. The phenomenon of jump exists for high-speed springs as well as the linkages. For further discussion of the subject of spring surge, see Jehle and Spiller (1929).
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3. Choose the Rectangle Tool from the Toolbox. Because this environment image is
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FIGURE 1.12. groove.)
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ous examples. In both Figures 2.12 and 2.13, fourteen points to which we could connect test leads are numbered. As we troubleshoot the circuit, we will connect our test light to pairs of these points to see whether voltage is present.
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Follower Motion Synthesis for the Three-Dimensional Cam Before examining the synthesis process, some basic requirements should be noted: 1. The number of motion constraints is not limited. However, for the nonparametric forms of the B-spline surface interpolation used here, the pattern of the motion constraints must be a rectangular grid data form. 2. To guarantee jerk continuity, the synthesized motion function in each parametric direction must be of at least degree = 4. This means that the order of the B-spline functions must be greater than or equal to 5. 3. Since the pro le is a closed surface in the parametric direction of rotation, the motion function along that parametric direction, i.e., f2, which is used to form the must
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