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The C# Language
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As mentioned in the preceding chapter, in C++ the structure also has object-oriented capabilities. In fact, classes and structures are closely related. With one exception, they are interchangeable because the structure can also include data, and the code that manipulates that data, in just the same way that a class can. The only difference between a C++ structure and a class is that, by default, the members of a class are private, while the members of a structure are public. Aside from this distinction, structures and classes serve the same purpose. In fact, according to the formal C++ syntax, a structure declaration actually creates a class type. Here is an example of a structure that uses its class-like features:
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I/O Functions
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1. Run Logon Agent Configuration utility (Start|Programs|Citrix|Logon Agent| Logon Agent Configuration). 2. Select the logon points tab. 3. For each logon point originally deployed on the selected server, select the logon point and click the Deploy button.
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How Generics Improve Type Safety
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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Regardless of any lightning rod or charge dissipator, if your mast is the highest object in the vicinity it will be struck. The purpose of the safe path to ground is to provide a path to ground (the water) as short, straight, and conductive as possible to prevent side ashes to alternate routes. The path consists of two parts: the lightning-protective mast and the lightning-ground connection.
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f (x j ) f (x j 1 ) f (x j ). x Now we may rewrite the formula for
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Filenew.bmp Doorshut.bmp Cut.bmp Copy.bmp Paste.bmp
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2. On the next page, from the Object Types tab, choose the type of text you want to find, or
C++ from the Ground Up
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
This fragment reports whether the device associated with fd is a character device:
In the previous discussion about creating scorecards, the KPI was created as part of that process. KPIs can be created independently as well, simply by right-clicking on the KPIs folder in the Workspace Browser and choosing New KPI. Doing this opens a dialog box that gives developers the option of creating two types of objects: Objectives and Standard KPIs. An objective is basically a higher-level KPI that can have one or more child KPIs with scores that roll up into the objective. Therefore, if the objective is to Increase Profits, KPIs might include Sales, Cost Reduction, and so forth. A Standard KPI is just a KPI as was created with the scorecard in the previous section. Choosing either an objective or standard KPI results in a screen that asks for the name, an optional display folder, and a checkbox to grant permissions to all users, just as has been seen when creating a KPI through the new scorecard wizard.
Carrier Ethernet is designed to scale from a local to a ubiquitous worldwide service that could span thousands of offices and hundreds of countries and where everything works together harmoniously. It is therefore no small matter for Service Providers to offer Carrier Ethernet services that would enable mission critical applications, and delivered over a variety of transport technologies (discussed in Part II). Often Service Providers would have to cooperate with other Service Providers/Network Operators to offer these Carrier Ethernet services across the MAN/WAN and this would almost invariably entail equipment from several vendors. Conversely, to the enterprise user, Carrier Ethernet services must work as simply as plugging in an Ethernet cable and powering up. The MEF Certification Program was conceived explicitly to address the underlying challenges that inherently exist in simplifying the deployment, while ensuring consistency (of Carrier Ethernet services) in a multi-vendor environment. In so doing, the goal is to accelerate the deployment of Carrier Ethernet. The program commenced in April 2005 and essentially consists of a series of thorough tests providing evidence for end-users, service providers and manufacturers alike, that products and services are compliant to published MEF specifications. It initially certified equipment (systems) that it delivers MEF-compliant Ethernet services. This program subsequently also began certifying that Service Provider delivered Ethernet services are also consistent with the MEF Carrier Ethernet specifications. The MEF does not conduct the certification directly but rather works with an independent testing entity, Iometrix, for conducting the actual testing and validating compliance.
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