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The C# Language
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In this case, b = a performs the assignment operation. If = is not overloaded (as it is not here), a bitwise copy will be made. Therefore, in some cases, you may need to overload the = operator as well as create a copy constructor to avoid problems.
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Showing Your Demo or Portfolio
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Understanding User Perceptions of the Network Infrastructure and IT
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To many people, the desired outcome of testing and evaluation is certification. A stamp of approval should given to products that pass all the right tests or perform above some minimum standard. And good precedent exists for this expectation within industry and government acquisition programs. Underwriters Laboratories rates and certifies products for fire safety and other performance factors. Their ratings are, in turn, widely used within the manufacturing and construction industries. (For more information, go to http://www.ul.com.) Acquisition programs within the Department of Defense require information assurance products to comply with National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) certification. Biometrics, as an enabling technology for information assurance, must look forward to yet more testing to achieve eventual NIAP certification. At present, certification requirements are not published and, hence, no products are certified under this program. Because of the large number of variables and factors affecting biometrics, we see that testing systems and the conclusions drawn from test results are not always a simple, straightforward process. Test results can be skewed or rendered meaningless if quoted out of context. Care must be taken to understand exactly what is being testing and what is not being tested, who did the testing and why, and under what assumptions and conditions. For all the test types we have discussed, there still can be a number of critical (and potentially expensive) integration and deployment factors that remain out of scope or are not adequately covered in technology or scenario tests. Compliance with emerging standards is also an important factor for government systems yet, to date, standards compliance can t be tested by automated procedures. The community lacks automated test suites and the standards are still shifting somewhat. Manual review, integration trial and error, and vendor claims are currently the only means available to determine if products really comply with standards. Integration factors include basic platform support, especially the availability of device drivers for different operating systems (OSs). Because many biometric products are relatively new in the commercial market, companies seek to establish market share in the larger PC (Wintel) desktop market first, prior to investing development and support labor to other platforms (UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS). Details surrounding the ease of installation and interoperability with pre-existing user account management tools, such as Active Directory, Novel, or database accounts, can also be an important consideration. Integration of biometrics authentication into environments with diverse OSs, applications, and databases, as typically found in a mid-size company, is nontrivial. Resource management and authorization processes (access control and user permissions) must be wired into biometric authentication for the promise of biometrics to become a reality.
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Figure 5-6
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Refer to 8, CD Duplicators, for more information about the operation of autoloaders. ISOMEDIA, Inc.
Clones are special object copies that are dynamically linked to their original objects in a sort of master-slave relationship. Clones imitate any property changes made to their master, which offers the nicety of editing one master to change the properties of any number of linked clones. Linked clone properties include object Fill, Outline, Path Shape, Transformations, relative position of objects in a group you clone, and Bitmap Color Mask properties. With any object or group of objects selected, choose Edit | Clone from the main menu. Clones are created and placed using the same offsets as duplicates. Let s take a short trip into the world of cloning:
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Introduction to Database Development
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Bulk cycle. If a healthy wet-acid battery is discharged more than 25% of its capacity, C, it will readily accept charge rates of 0.25C or more, up to the point where it is about 75% charged. Gelled-electrolyte batteries, because they do not suffer from electrolyte stratification, will typically accept charge rates of up to 0.5C. Absorption cycle. When a battery reaches its 75% charged state, the charging voltage has increased to around 14.4 volts, and gassing begins. At this point, in order to limit gassing, the charging voltage must be held constant at 14.4 volts or less, while the battery absorbs current at its own decreasing rate. At the point where the constant-voltage current has dropped to a rate of 0.05C, the battery is approximately 85% charged; at 0.02C about 90% charged; and at 0.01C nearly 100% charged. How far the absorption cycle is carried depends on whether the engine is being run only for charging (0.05C cutoff recommended), or whether the boat is under power or using shore power (0.01 to 0.02C cutoff recommended). Float cycle. The nal stage, provided the battery is still in the charge mode, is designed to just maintain the battery in its fully charged condition. If a battery is removed from all loads, as in the case of winter storage, the ideal oat voltage is about 0.1 volt above the rested, open-circuit voltage, or approximately 13 volts. If the battery is in a float cycle, but still online so that current is occasionally withdrawn, either the charger should be capable of supplying the entire draw, or the float voltage should be increased to between 13.2 and 13.5 volts.
Figure 1-2: A high-resolution image is comprised of millions of pixels.
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