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The RightPad function takes a string pad _input_parameter, an output_length, and a string orig _input_parameter and returns the pad_input_parameter padded on the right with the orig_input_parameter.
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When a photodiode receives optical radiation with a wavelength short enough to bridge the bandgap at the p-n junction, additional electrons from the n region flow across the p-n junction and combine with holes in the p region. This results in a widening of the depletion region and causes the potential across the p-n junction to widen until electrostatic forces again act to stop the flow of electrons. When the gap widens, current ceases to flow through the diodes, resulting in the generation of a voltage that is proportional to the intensity of the received optical radiation. This action results in an open circuit; thus, the voltage across the pn junction is called the open-circuit voltage Voc. A photodiode can also operate in a short-circuit condition by shortcircuiting both sides of the detector to prevent voltage from occurring across the diode. This action results in a current flowing through the diode, referred to as the short-circuit current Isc. Here Isc is proportional to the incident intensity and provides a second mechanism for converting an optical signal into an electrical signal. Since 1990 or so, various materials have been used for infrared photodiodes, some of which were mentioned earlier in this chapter. While a complete list of photodiode material is beyond the scope of this book, it should be noted that manufacturers developed products that operate at speeds as high as 100 GHz by the mid-1990s. It should also be noted that the selection of an applicable light detector depends on several factors. Those factors can include the operational wavelength, speed of detection (which is a function of response time), S/N ratio, and responsiveness. Another important consideration when selecting a high-speed detector is the difference between time-domain and frequency-domain optimization. A photodetector optimized for frequency-domain applications exhibits a frequency response that is relatively flat over the frequency band, while the time domain is relatively wide. In comparison, a photodetector optimized for time-domain applications has a narrower detector pulse width value but its frequency response falls off with increased frequency. Figure 4.12 provides a general comparison of photodetectors optimized for frequency-domain and time-domain applications.
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Try it. Practicing this process can transform your life. Think about something that holds you back and keeps you from moving forward to a higher path and a stronger self-image. Whatever it is that s holding you back, it s something that you
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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Next we apply KVL to the right-hand loop in Fig. 2-8. Again, we take the loop in a clockwise direction. This gives V5 + V10 + 20 + V3 = 0 (2.12)
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In a query, you will sometimes want to retain a value temporarily. For example, you might want to create an enumerable variable that can, itself, be queried. Or, you might want to store a value that will be used later on in a where clause. Whatever the purpose, these types of actions can be accomplished through the use of let. The let clause has this general form: let name = expression Here, name is an identifier that is assigned the value of expression. The type of name is inferred from the type of the expression. Here is an example that shows how let can be used to create another enumerable data source. The query takes as input an array of strings. It then converts those strings into char arrays. This is accomplished by use of another string method called ToCharArray( ), which returns an array containing the characters in the string. The result is assigned to a variable called chrArray, which is then used by a nested from clause to obtain the individual characters in the array. The query then sorts the characters and returns the resulting sequence.
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// Demonstrate a static class. using System; static class NumericFn { // Return the reciprocal of a value. static public double Reciprocal(double num) { return 1/num; } // Return the fractional part of a value. static public double FracPart(double num) { return num - (int) num; } // Return true if num is even. static public bool IsEven(double num) { return (num % 2) == 0 true : false; } // Return true if num is odd. static public bool IsOdd(double num) { return !IsEven(num); } } class StaticClassDemo { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Reciprocal of 5 is " + NumericFn.Reciprocal(5.0));
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NOTE Another class that defines several file-related methods is FileInfo. It differs from File in
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Digital Photography Getting to Know Your PC and Correcting Images QuickSteps Enhancing PC QuickSteps
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15.6.1 Benefits of network baselining
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Name Joe Abbot Sue Peters Pat Heldon
Wiring and rotational position of R/C servos as a function of the pulse-width commands.
Notice how the int array return type is specified. This syntax can be generalized. Whenever a method returns an array, specify it in a similar fashion, adjusting the type and dimensions as needed. For example, the following declares a method called someMeth( ) that returns a two-dimensional array of double:
ACLs on Cisco IOS-based routers and on the appliances are very similar in their function, processing, and configuration. Since conduits and outbound filters are no longer supported on the appliances, you must use ACLs to exempt inbound connections and to control outbound connections.
The prototype for the strncat( ) function is found in <string.h>. The strncat( ) function concatenates no more than count characters of the string pointed to by str2 to the string pointed to by str1 and terminates str1 with a null. The null terminator
Figure 3.4 Apart from the main telephone switched network, operators also provide analog and digi-
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