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This chapter defines a simple framework that attempts to clarify and put into perspective, the different network solutions that are employed by Service Providers to deliver Carrier Ethernet services. Using this framework, the specific solutions themselves are described in the subsequent chapters.
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Bag Unlimited, Inc.
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TABLE 21-15 Methods De ned by GC (continued)
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Solve the equation (x 3 5)8 = 9 for x.
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Using the right paper and inks with the right printer is what s needed to create archival collections and displays of photos. There are some simple rules to follow to make sure you produce and preserve prints that resist the ravages of light, air, and display materials.
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where filename may include the path as well as the filename. The message directive lets you specify a message within your program code that is displayed when the program is compiled. For example,
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Another common type of inexact matching is to match strings containing a substring. To perform this kind of matching, a wildcard character should be used before and after the sub string. For example, to find courses containing the word DATABASE anywhere in the course description, write the condition: CrsDesc LIKE "DATABASE* in Access or CrsDesc LIKE '%DATABASE%'in Oracle. The wildcard character is not the only pattern-matching character. SQL:2003 specifies the underscore character _ to match any single character. Some DBMSs such as Access use the question mark to match any single character. In addition, most DBMSs have patternmatching characters for matching a range of characters (for example, the digits 0 to 9) and any character from a list of characters. The symbols used for these other pattern-matching characters are not standard. To become proficient at writing inexact matching conditions, you should study the pattern-matching characters available with your DBMS. In addition to performing pattern matching with strings, you can use exact matching with the equality = comparison operator. For example, the condition, CourseNo = 'IS480' matches a single row in the Course table. For both exact and inexact matching, case sensi tivity is an important issue. Some DBMSs such as Microsoft Access are not case sensitive. In Access SQL, the previous condition matches "is480", "Is480", and "iS480" in addition to "IS480". Other DBMSs such as Oracle are case sensitive. In Oracle SQL, the previous con dition matches only "IS480", not "is480", "Is480", or "iS480". To alleviate confusion, you can use the Oracle upper or lower functions to convert strings to upper- or lowercase, respectively. Example 4.5 depicts range matching on a column with the date data type. In Access SQL, pound symbols enclose date constants, while in Oracle SQL, single quotation marks enclose date constants. Date columns can be compared just like numbers with the usual comparison operators (=, <, etc.). The BETWEEN-AND operator defines a closed interval (includes end points). In Access Example 4.5, the BETWEEN-AND condition is a shortcut for FacHireDate >= #1/1/1999# AND FacHireDate <= #12/31/2000#.
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The area of the second region is A, = fiA + x
public void ShowStyle() { Console.WriteLine("Triangle is " + Style); } } // A derived class of TwoDShape for rectangles. class Rectangle : TwoDShape {
Distance between particles r (m)
The Lambda Operator
The serpentine robot has multiple joints that provide superior ability to ex, reach, and approach all locations. Robots are still under development by university researchers but have the potential to perform underwater photography and take erosion measurements and perform repairs.
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