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Exception Handling Fundamentals
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Network components The auditor should examine several components and their configuration to determine how well the organization has constructed its network infrastructure to support business objectives. Log management The auditor should determine whether administrative activities performed on network devices and services are logged. He should examine the configuration of logs to see if they can be altered. The logs themselves should be examined to determine whether any unauthorized activities are taking place. User access management Often, network-based services provide organization-wide user access controls. The auditor should examine these centralized services to see whether they conform to written security standards. Examination should include user ID convention, password controls, inactivity locking, user account provisioning, user account termination, and password reset procedures.
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Table 27-5.
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13.12 Payload Pointers As explained previously, the embedded overhead of a synchronous signal contains a number of bytes designated as payload pointers. These pointers (Figure 31.21) are crucial to the synchronous system s efficient operation, and perform the following functions:
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Step 2 Set the Distributor Properties
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No restrictions
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Ill 3-3
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- Service start/stop
Use of Width and Height now OK because access is through properties.
around the world even before the legitimate one is released. This usually happens because there s a leak somewhere, either at the developer, the publisher, or the product manufacturer. Nowadays, publishers have to make individually numbered copies of their master game disks, and be sure they know who has each one at all times. Piracy costs the game industry billions of dollars a year.
See matting.
Comparison of cam-follower velocities in Example 7.
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