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#include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> #include <stddef.h> /* print local and GM time */ int main(void) { struct tm *local, *gm; time_t t; t = time(NULL); local = localtime(&t); printf("Local time and date: %s", asctime(local));
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// Demonstrate interface references. using System; // Define the interface. public interface ISeries { int GetNext(); // return next number in series void Reset(); // restart void SetStart(int x); // set starting value } // Use ISeries to implement a series in which each // value is two greater than the previous one. class ByTwos : ISeries { int start; int val;
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Router Hardware Components
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ATM Testing ATM Testing: Deployment of ATM-Based Services 247
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Service-level agreements (SLAs)
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Value Syntax [ <border-right-width> || <border-style> || <color> ] | inherit Initial Value not defined for shorthand properties Percentages n/a Inherited no Applies to all elements Media Groups visual
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Data link escape Device control Device control Device control Device control Negative acknowledge Synchronous idle End/transmission block Cancel End of medium Start /special sequence Escape File separator Group separator Record separator Unit separator
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Appendix A:
Assembly language Assets
I enabled the two physical interfaces that I m using e0/0 and e0/1 and I ve created my subinterfaces for the four VLANs. VLAN 311 and 101 will be placed in one context, and 312 and 102 in a second context.
New level
Protein Biophysics
Media Gateway Controller Call signaling over IP
13.6.4 Fixed Convolution Convolution can be applied in several ways to improve cam pro les. The most effective way that Gupta and Wiederrich (1983) identi ed they called xed convolution. In this method we set d = d, d = 1, b = b = b/2 in Eqs. (13.67a and b). In this case, the nature of w is not changed during the convolutions. The velocity curve is obtained from Eq. (13.67a) as vi +1 ( d , b ,q ) = vi ( d , b 2,q ) * w(1, b 2,q ) and the Fourier transform from Eq. (13.67b) as Vi +1 ( d , b , k ) = Vi ( d , b 2, k ) W (1, b 2, k ). The cumulative effect of m convolutions is obtained as follows: Vm ( d , b , k ) = W (1, b 2, k ) W (1, b 4, k ) W (1, b 2 m , k ) V0 ( d , b 2 m , k ). (13.70) It is seen from Eq. (13.63b) and (13.70) that the residual response, Rm(d,b,k) = |Vm(d,b,k)|, after m convolutions is dominated by the modi er function w(d,b,q), and the starting function v0(d,b,q) has only a small in uence. From the de nition of v(1, b, q), it follows that v(1, 0, q) is a delta function (area = 1, function vanishes for q < 0- and q > 0+). Its transform |V(1,0,k,)| = 1. As m , a limiting residual response is thus obtained from Eq. (13.70).
Pay special attention to this Triangle constructor:
The value of i is: 0
factor authentication requires not only a user ID and password, but also that the user have something in their possession that is somehow used to form a part of the authentication. Several technologies are used for two-factor authentication, including: Tokens Tokens are small electronic devices that come in two forms. One form has a small display that shows a string of characters. The characters displayed are typed in during logon, and if the characters are correct, the user will be able to log in to the system or network. The advantage of these tokens is that the displayed value will change frequently, making a replay attack almost impossible to conduct. The other type of token authentication is the use of a small USB key that contains information that is associated with the authentication. This information could be a digital certificate or other value. Smart cards A smart card is a small, credit card sized device that contains electronic memory and is accessed with a smart card reader. Many laptop computers are equipped with smart card readers for this purpose. A smart card might contain a digital certificate or other identifying information that is difficult or impossible to reproduce. Digital certificates A digital certificate is an electronic document that uses a digital signature to bind a public encryption key with a user s identity. The system containing the digital certificate can be hardened so that the document cannot be cloned or moved to another computer. Typically, a digital certificate will reside within the workstation s hardware or in a special computer chip, or it may be stored in a USB token. Users of two-factor authentication systems need to be trained on their proper use. They need to be told not to store their token or smart card with their computer; otherwise, if the computer is stolen, the device will be stolen with it, entirely negating the added security of the device.
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