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1. Using an XML editor, such as Notepad, open the XML file that contains your application definitions. 2. For each application definition instance in the file, find the flag isTemplate= false . 3. Modify the flag, so it is set to isTemplate= true . 4. Save the XML file.
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same level of improvement as Ethernet. Ethernet s capabilities thus became much more formidable than the other LAN technologies in a relatively short time, and to its credit, Ethernet has continued to maintain this pace of innovation. Standardization As shown previously in Table 1.1, innovations in Ethernet technology were quickly standardized. Manufacturers could incorporate these new features and bring them to market relatively quickly (see Intense Competition ). The end users obviously wanted to leverage the benefits of these new features as well and being able to do so with the assurance of interoperability between devices from different vendors (as a consequence of standardization employed by these vendors) meant accelerating the acceptance of Ethernet in the marketplace. Commercialization Although there were standards for the different LAN technologies, only the IEEE 802.3 was widely adopted because it was promoted as an open standard that anyone could use to implement Ethernet NIC hardware by paying a small licensing fee.29 This unique model was also aligned with the manufacturers approach to the various devices (PCs, printers, etc.) present in the LAN; they did not integrate Ethernet itself into their devices but rather relied on NIC manufacturers (of Ethernet, Token Ring, etc.) ostensibly, at least in the earlier days, because they wanted to have the option of employing the best possible solution in terms of cost and features. While this was meaningful initially, Ethernet with its growing customer base and product innovation soon became the obvious choice and was embraced by the manufacturers of LAN devices. In contrast, the other LAN technologies, with smaller, niche constituencies and not having the economies of scale, were not anywhere as successful as Ethernet. Intense Competition Because a large number of entities were developing Ethernet solutions, it led to fierce competition, a reduction in prices, and expectedly, by the law of economics, more customer demand. The intense competition meant that vendors sought to benefit from any differentiation that they could manage; as a result, the new capabilities being standardized were being brought to market as quickly as possible. This combination of advanced features and a competitive price accelerated Ethernet s adoption in the LAN marketplace. Interoperability Since there were many different (albeit standards-based) implementations of Ethernet from a multitude of vendors, interoperability became a key demand of enterprises. As a result, interoperability also became a prerequisite for Ethernet vendors. This ultimately enabled customers to deploy networking equipment (servers and other devices) from different vendors seamlessly and easily hence lowering operating costs and consequently leading to even greater demand for Ethernet. Backward/Forward Compatibility This became a very important attribute of Ethernet, enabling customers to use new features without having to uproot their
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Router# show ip access-list Extended IP access list 100 permit tcp any established (189 matches) permit udp host any eq domain (32 matches) permit icmp host any
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Use the Separations tab options to specify ink colors and trapping preferences.
Producing a DVD video
a + the corresponding prepositional pronoun m , ti, l, ella, Ud., nosotros, vosotros, ellos, ellas, Uds. for stress or clarification:
Flat Commission Schedule Sales Performance All Sales Commission Rate 7%
in the FROM section of the SQL does not matter. However, if you are using the rule-based optimizer, it does. The first drop-down box lets you define the join operator:
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