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where m is the coef cient of absolute viscosity and A is the surface area (Chen, 1982). This clearly ts the form of Eq. 11.60. Viscous friction is a good model for damping in bearings and other lubricated parts of the cam-follower system. Rotary versions of the damper in Fig. 11.18 can be de ned analogously by
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The 16:9 aspect ratio was chosen in part because it is an exact multiple of 4:3. Going from 4:3 to 16:9 merely entails adding one horizontal pixel for every three and going from 16:9 to 4:3 requires simply removing one pixel from every four.27 This makes the scaling circuitry for letterbox and pan and scan functions much simpler and cheaper. It also makes the resulting picture cleaner. The 16:9 aspect ratio is also a reasonable compromise between television and movies. It s very close to 1.85 and it is close to the mean of 1.33 and 2.35. That is, 4/3 4/3 4/3 ~= 2.35. Choosing a wider display aspect ratio, such as 2:1, would have made 2.35 movies look wonderful but would have required huge mattes on the side when showing as 4:3 video (as in Figure 2.20f, but even wider). Admittedly, the extra space could be used for picture outside picture (POP, the converse of PIP), but it would be very expensive extra space. To make a 2:1 display the same height as
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The Common Language Specification
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Now that you have a basic understanding of the chassis of the 2960, you are ready to learn about the bootup process of the switch: this includes the running of hardware tests, loading the IOS, and finding and applying a configuration file. The following sections discuss these processes.
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Access Gateway, 4 5, 12 13, 465 backup plan, 516 built-in failover, 468 469 hardware load balancer, 467 468 multiple URLs, 469 470 and remote user access, 508 510 Secure Application Access, 466 467 Secure Desktop Access, 465 466 troubleshooting, 425 Access Suite Console, 322 323 installing on standalone servers, 109 Report Center, 341 345 Account Unlock, 371 372
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Table 2
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Part I:
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Server Configuration Design and Recommendations
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Optimizing Performance
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3. You need the centers of the objects to be 2 inches apart. You click-drag the origin so
f (x) dx.
YOU TRY IT What are the principal angles associated with 7 , 11 /2, 8 /3,
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infrared light beam or sound waves off the subject matter. automatic exposure A camera mode that adjusts the aperture and shutter speed to
Appendix A:
Caption Name
Final Exam
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