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Digit 3 Multiplier
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Getting Ready for BusinessObjects XI
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In an environment where each server performs a single function, a vulnerability in a function will place only that function at risk. Server virtualization makes it easy to separate functions into separate OS instances while permitting them to continue to run on one physical system. Removal of Unnecessary Services Only the services and software features required to support a system s purpose should be installed and running; all other services and features should be disabled and, if possible, removed altogether. Removing unnecessary services reduces the vulnerability surface on a system to only those services that are required. For example, the sendmail program should be disabled (prevented from running) or removed on Unix systems that do not need to send or receive e-mail. Sendmail is a large, complex program that is the subject of ongoing security research, and new vulnerabilities are discovered from time to time. Limiting Functionality or Privilege of Necessary Services After all unnecessary services have been removed from a server, only those that are required for the server s function will remain. The functions that any necessary service is permitted to perform should be reduced to only those that are necessary. Accomplishing this will vary, but limiting functionality should follow the principle whereby any unneeded function should be disabled if the configuration will permit this. Each necessary service or program should be configured to run at the lowest possible privilege. In the past, it was common for all generic services (and even many applications) to run at root, super-user, or administrator level. Often this is unnecessary, and on systems where the privilege levels can be configured, each service should run at a lower service where possible. The advantage of this is that if a particular service is compromised through a vulnerability, the attacker s ability to compromise the entire system may be limited to the ability afforded by the privilege level assigned to the service. Changing Default Passwords One of the easiest ways for an intruder to attack a system is through known default passwords. Often, the manufacturers of systems and software utilize a documented default password that makes it easy for a new user or customer to begin using the system. But all too often these default credentials are never updated, which results in systems that are vulnerable to attacks that are easy to carry out. Before being connected to a network, every system should be changed so that all accounts have nondefault passwords. Using Nonpredictable Passwords If an intruder is able to compromise a system, he may (if he is able) attempt to retrieve the system s encrypted user account passwords and crack them. If the intruder has been able to crack one system s passwords, he may attempt to log in to neighboring systems (those in the same organization) using the same user IDs and passwords. If many or all systems use the same passwords, particularly for administrative accounts, the intruder may be able to easily compromise all other systems in the environment. Similarly, if the intruder is able to detect a pattern in the use of passwords, he may be able to compromise many systems.
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the 20 major amino acids most commonly found in proteins are typically classified into the following three groups: nonpolar (hydrophobic), uncharged polar (hydrophilic), and charged (sometimes called charged polar) (hydrophilic). Among the charged amino acids there are those that are acidic (release protons and carry a negative charge) and those that are basic (absorb protons and carry a positive charge). (courtesy of Biochemistry Demystified.) (Continued)
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Know Your Choices
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The C# Language
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Here, type is the type of the bit-field and length is the number of bits in the field. Also, type must be an integral type. Here is a bit-field example:
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The actual RF transmission for the Isaac robot controllers uses a pair of RS-422 radio modems made by Ewave, Inc. ( RS-422 is a serial communication protocol that is more reliable than the standard RS-232 serial communication with which most of us are familiar. These radio modems have built-in error-checking software to help ensure that the data being transmitted is reliable and correct. These modems are bi-directional so that data can be transmitted both ways with the same set of hardware. Some robot builders prefer to build their own R/C equipment. There is nothing wrong with that, and some people can build systems much better than what can be purchased off the shelf. The subject of developing reliable R/C equipment is beyond the scope of this book. Suffice it to say that you do not need to be an electrical engineer to build yourself a simple remote control system. Products are available to help you assemble one of these systems. To build your own R/C system, you will need three major subsystems:
Perhaps no other construct is as important to a programming language as the variable. A variable is a named memory location that can be assigned a value. It is called a variable because its value can be changed during the execution of a program. In other words, the content of a variable is changeable, not fixed. The following program creates two variables called x and y.
This is an example of a chronic lichen planus-like keratosis in which there appears to be regression of a pre-existing lesion. The coexistence of a pre-existing lesion is an important clue that the lesion might not be a regressive melanoma. In our experience, one does not routinely find evidence of a pre-existing solar lentigo or flat seborrheic keratosis associated with acute, sub-acute, or chronic lichen planus-like keratosis.
Fax Quick but expensive on account of the phone call if it s long distance. Faxes also have the downside that the fax machine at the other end is sometimes jammed and often shared among several people; all too often, the pages get picked up by the wrong person. Faxes don t look that nice, either: if you use images, they will be degraded; if you use colors, they will be lost. Mail The classic, although it s slow and costs money. This can be a good choice if you know it s going straight to the hiring manager. People at game companies don t get that many real letters in the mail any more, so yours will probably stand out. Crisp white paper looks and feels good and can be part of your professional image if you want it to be. Another benefit of mail is that, if your r sum doesn t go straight into the trash, the recipient actually has to do something with it: it s likely to float around her office reminding her of your existence, unlike an e-mail message. One disadvantage is that if she wants to show your r sum to other people, she can t conveniently forward it, but has to make photocopies. Don t expect to continue the conversation by mail, however; if they get back to you it will be by phone or e-mail. E-mail Fast, cheap, and convenient: you can send documents, images, even executable files or PowerPoint presentations containing your demo (though some e-mail systems reject attached executables as a security measure). The one disadvantage of e-mail is that the recipient probably gets one or two hundred messages a day many more if it s the HR department and your mail may get lost amid the spam. That s why it s important to follow up every message. Couriers or overnight delivery Save your money. Don t try this as a tactic to impress people they won t be impressed, they ll just think you re rich. Unless the company says they re only accepting applications up to a certain date, and you have to get a compact disc or tape to them before that deadline, it s not worth it.
Asymmetry of color and structure Multicomponent global pattern (1,2,3,4) Regular blue blotch (box) Hypopigmentation (stars) Irregular dot and globular-like structures (circles) Irregular purplish-brown color Gray homogenous color (yellow arrows)
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When this program is run, the output is 5536 60000. This is because the bit pattern that represents 60,000 as a short unsigned integer is interpreted as 5,536 by a short signed integer. C++ allows a shorthand notation for declaring unsigned, short, or long integers. You can simply use the word unsigned, short, or long, without the int. The int is implied. For example, the following two statements both declare unsigned integer variables.
SNMP RMON MIB = Simple Network Management Protocol Remote MONitoring Management Information Base (RFC 1757) Ethernet (RFC 1513) Token-Ring
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