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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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The areas of coverage in the cellular and PCS networks primarily served populated geographic areas. There were areas that were not financially or operationally prudent to install services. Consequently, very rural areas, mountain terrain, and the like did not receive coverage at all. Under the LEO concept, all areas not previously served could be easily accommodated. Iridium even provided coverage in the extreme rural areas, as well as in the recent Kosovo, Yugoslavia crisis. The services addressed by these satellites included the obvious, such as two-way voice but also other services that were not as evident. Table 25-4 is a summary of the actual services that were provided. This includes a minor description of the service and a potential target market. The list is straightforward in a single line description. Table 25-4: A summary of the initial features available on LEO Networks Radio Determination Services (RDSS) Will allow for the location of vehicle fleets, aircraft, marine vehicles, etc. RDSS will also be an integral locator service for all voice communications devices. Will allow on demand, dial-up digital voice communications from anywhere in the world. A one-way paging service. The paging service includes an alphanumeric display for up to two lines, but will expand to short messaging services (SMS). A two-way facsimile service. An add-on device will allow the transmission of two-way data. This capability will also allow for two-way messaging (e-mail) service across the network.
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Application-Defined RTCP Packet
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Ewins listed an excellent reference on dynamic testing for modal vibration measurement and analysis. For the ultimate load tests, the bridges selected for removal from service were tested to failure. These studies generally provided some insight on the ultimate load capacity and mechanisms of failure that could be used in the future. Bridge superstructure condition evaluation research programs generally focused on two primary areas: ultimate load tests and dynamic tests. Laboratory and eld studies to evaluate dynamic properties of bridges and relate them to condition assessments have been reported extensively in past years. Some examples include: 1. Baumgartner and Waubke showed frequency measurements in tension hangers under traf c loading can be related to the end xity of the hangers. 2. Biswas et al. reported a component evaluation technique using a hammer impact using dynamic responses. Results were con rmed with laboratory models, but eld veri cation was limited. 3. Cawley and Adams related changes of successive mode frequencies to the existence and location of structural deterioration in beams. 4. DeWolf et al. and Gregory et al. demonstrated a relationship between dynamic testing results and structural deterioration. Sensitivity of dynamic characteristics to deterioration was shown to depend on the particular modes being observed. 5. Huston et al. reported various full-scale bridge dynamic tests, showing that dynamic characteristics may be revealed using vibratory shakers, impact hammers, and traf c and wind loads. 6. Manning suggested that a localized dynamic analysis might be advantageous because serious loss of strength of a single member may occur before it can be observed on the entire structure. 7. Mazurek and DeWolf showed in eld tests that ambient traf c loads could be used as a basis for an automated monitoring scheme based on changes in vibration signatures. Their labora-
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Named Arguments
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1. B. Mukherjee, Optical WDM Networks (New York: Springer Publishers, 2006). 2. R. Ramaswami, Optical Networking Technologies: What Worked and What Didn t, IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 44, no. 9 (September 2006): 132 139. 3. N. Ghani, Y. Pan, and X. Cheng, Metropolitan Optical Networks, Optical Fiber Telecommunications (OFT) IV, I. Kaminow and T. Li (eds.) (City: Academic Press, March 2002): 329 403. 4. D. Zhou and S. Subramaniam, Survivability in Optical Networks, IEEE Network, vol. 14, no. 6 (November/December 2000): 16 23. 5. T. H. Wu, Fiber Network Service Survivability (Boston: Artech House, 1992). 6. P. Bonenfant, A. Moral, Generic Framing Procedure (GFP): The Catalyst for Efficient Data Over Transport, IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 40, no. 5 (May 2002): 72 79. 7. G. Bernstein, B. Rajagopalan, and D. Saha, Optical Network Control: Architectures, Standards, Protocols (Boston: Addison Wesley, 2003). 8. B. Rajagopalan, et al., User Network Interface (UNI) 1.0 Signaling Specification, OIF Contribution OIF2000.125.7, October 2001. 9. NNI 1.0: Inter-Domain Control Plane Requirements, OIF Contribution OIF2002.054.03, May 2002.
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Youth and Education
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One thing you ll need to do is exempt the IPSec traffic flowing from a lower- to highersecurity-level interface:
A string array is a two-dimensional array of characters.
Table 2-1
Here is a: 5, 6, 7 Here is b: 10, 10, 10 Here is c: 0, 0, 0 a is true. b is true. c is false. Use & and | a & b is true.
Leased lines, such as dedicated circuits or connections Circuit-switched connections, such as analog modem and digital ISDN dialup
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The GSM Architecture
The status of the four-step charging process is indicated by the horizontal row of LEDs at the bottom of the control panel (Figure 4.27 again).
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After this first exchange of routing tables, each router will process its neighbor s received update and incorporate these changes, if necessary. Figure 15-2 displays the contents of the routing tables on the routers after this first exchange.
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