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1. C. Mean time between failures (MTBF) is commonly used to measure reliability. A defines the total cost of the components, their installation, and ongoing maintenance. B defines the protection of network components. D measures the uptime of the network. 2. A. The term SOHO describes users working from a home or small office. B is a small group of users connected via a LAN at one location. C is an office with users who can dynamically connect from either a LAN or a WAN. D describes the central site, where most of the users and resources are located.
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reaction is used for radiochemical dating of a certain class of terrestrial objects. How many half-lives of 40C have passed since the Zag meteorite formed
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File Servers
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Electronic Arts: A Game Industry Giant
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scene, use the camera auto-timer to avoid camera movement when you press the shutter button. Alternatively, use a camera remote switch to
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1. When crops freeze, the ice crystals that form 2. Modern snowmaking equipment utilizes ice-
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13: Generics
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Cable clips
One bridge in the network is elected root bridge and serves as the anchor for the spanning tree. One of the bridges connected to each LAN is elected designated bridge for that LAN. This bridge is either the root bridge itself or the bridge closest to the root bridge as measured by the costs described in the next point. The designated bridge s port on a LAN is called a designated port, and always forwards data. A bridge advertises its distance (total path cost) to the root bridge on each of its designated ports. Each bridge that is not the designated bridge for a given LAN assigns a cost parameter to that LAN, adds that cost to the cost advertised by the designated bridge, and computes the total cost to reach the root bridge through that port. The port with the lowest total path cost to the root bridge is that bridge s root port. That port forwards data. All the other ports on that bridge that are not designated ports or alternate ports are blocked from forwarding data. If two or more ports in a single bridge are connected to the same LAN, and one of those ports is a designated port or a root port, then the others are backup ports and are blocked. If the selection of the root bridge, designated bridge, or root port results in a tie, e.g., if two candidates for designated bridge are equidistant from the root bridge, then tiebreakers are used. The first tiebreaker is a priority configured on the bridge or port by the system administrator, followed by the MAC address assigned to the bridge or port. Because MAC addresses are globally unique, all ties can be broken.
type of system is often referred to as a Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH). Figure 13.1 depicts a network built upon PDH, with multiplexers at each node. PDH networks were developed at a time when point-to-point transmission was the predominant network requirement. To support this requirement, the standard approach to network management and maintenance was to use manual distribution frames for access to individual signals. By the late 1980s this scenario was out-ofdate. In addition, the PDH networks then in place had been found to severely limit the ability of the network operators to respond to the demands of an evolving telecommunications market. PDH networks are limited because:
FIGURE 14.32. Some intermittent-motion mechanisms.
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