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The performance issues escalate when you are intermingling video and sound and data and then trying to play back the entire mix in uid fashion. The fundamental goal is to keep the laser read head from traversing large areas while trying to access les and to funnel data through the interface bus as soon as it is needed (or before it is needed, in the case of some caching utilities). One of the goals of this chapter is to illuminate those underlying details that will affect your decisions as you are developing and mastering a CDROM or DVD-ROM. In many cases the level of detail presented may exceed your needs. If your goal is to create a CD-ROM that contains all of the word-processing correspondence les you ve generated over the past 12 years, you may have no interest in what goes on inside the hardware and software, unless, perhaps, curiosity motivates you. For any uses other than just pure archiving (and even for some instances where you want to archive certain kinds of data), you will inevitably be faced with making some decisions based on the nature of CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD-RAM technology. Whether you're motivated by curiosity or by necessity, I hope that this technical discussion helps answer your questions. The next two chapters, which discuss the standards in some detail, may also seem a tri e dry to those who are eager to start toasting blank discs. The same admonition, however, holds true as for the hardware discussion. Skip over this material if you must; you can always return to it when you have a pressing need to address or a strategic issue to resolve. With all this in mind, prepare to enter the aluminum and polycarbonate recesses within the interior of an optical disc. The journey promises to be an enlightening one.
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference No shadows should be associated with the element. <color> Any color value. This gives the color of the shadow. If no color is provided, the shadow s color is taken from the value of the property color for the element. <length> <length> <length> The offset distances and blur radius for the shadow, in the order x-offset, y-offset, and blur radius. The two offset values are required for any shadow, but the blur radius is optional. Negative values are permitted for the offset lengths, but not the blur radius. A negative x-offset will place the shadow to the left of its text, and a negative y-offset will place the shadow above the text. This is the mechanism by which authors may add drop shadows to their text Note without having to resort to graphics. The CSS specification does not say how, or even whether, shadows should be blended with their backgrounds, nor exactly how the blur should be calculated. A shadow does not affect the size of the element s box, and may in fact extend beyond the element. The shadows are considered a part of their element s stacking context (see z-index for more details), and so may overlap other elements. The specification does not say how multiple shadows on the same element should be stacked or blended. By specifying no offset and a blur radius for an element, it is possible to provide a glow effect to the element s text. Caution should be used, however, since many such effects involve setting the text color close to the background color, which will make the element very difficult to read in a user agent which does not support text-shadow. As of this writing, that was all of them, so authors are urged to use this property with caution.
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that the second medium has an index of refraction of 1.47; thus, n2 1.47. Because we previously assumed that the initial beam of light had a wavelength of 550 nm, we can easily compute the wavelength in the second medium. Because n1 1 n2 2, we obtain 1.0 550 nm 1.43 . Thus 2 550 nm
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class SemaphoreDemo { static void Main() { // Construct three threads.
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C++ supports inheritance by allowing one class to incorporate another class into its declaration. Before discussing the theory and details, let s begin with an example of inheritance. The following class, called road_vehicle, very broadly defines vehicles that travel on the road. It stores the number of wheels a vehicle has and the number of passengers it can carry.
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market will become overcrowded with a broad range of solutions from large and small vendors, and competitive pressure will drive many weaker players from the market, resulting in acquisition activity. During this consolidation phase, SEAP infrastructure will become increasingly attractive to a broader range of potential adopters, resulting in a more mainstream and conservative user base. Consequently, the ability to execute will become equally as important as technical innovation and market vision among most mainstream adopters. Return-on-investment time frames will be extended from tactical short-term opportunities to longer, strategic time frames of three to five years. By 2013, Gartner expects SEAP technology to be the preferred, but not the exclusive, choice for the majority of opportunistic and architecturally simple application development efforts among Global 2000 enterprises, and as a result, some will seek to expand their reliance on SEAP platforms to include longer-term strategic (systematic) investments.
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Clouds in CUBiT are groups of server pools from a corporate datacenter or from public clouds like Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 is the public cloud initially supported by CUBiT 2.0 and can be used, for example, to extend resources temporarily and at a very low cost. Other new features in CUBiT 2.0 include support for LDAP/Active Directory, and advanced accounting and chargeback capabilities tied to role-based access control for allocating costs per server and profile type. CollabNet CUBiT reduces Ford s testing cycles by up to 50 percent. Because CUBiT virtualizes our test environment and manages ever-changing configurations, our release cycles have gone from four six weeks to one week, said Marc Fecker, director of technology at, a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Ford Dealers. CUBiT is critical because it enables our internal and external QA team worldwide to securely manage and track standardized sets of build and test services. We not only have complete traceability of the configuration changes being made, anyone has the ability to grab servers for running tests on-demand, as they need them, which saves us on hardware costs as well. At CollabNet, we re dedicated to easing the critical pain points of software development by helping teams to be more productive and responsive, said Tony de la Lama, CollabNet vice president of worldwide marketing and corporate strategy. Teams are faced with increasingly complex software development cycles that require more flexible solutions. CUBiT 2.0 is specifically designed to meet these needs by bringing build and test operations to the cloud for fast, easy, self-service access. CollabNet CUBiT 2.0 is available as a managed service or as an on-site license, starting at US $1,000 per node. A free trial is available at
Developer s challenge What if others actually do experience life deeply and completely, just not using the same process that you do Developer s follow-on response If the Four doesn t think that this could possibly be true, ask: How do you know that, really When the Four gives a concrete and positive response, say: Have you considered that in your deep consideration of your own experiences, you may actually be overemphasizing something or unintentionally eliminating something else Hint: Many Fours use the expression of feelings as a mask or cover for deeper feelings that they don t want to consider.
A master/detail report is a particular kind of report in which a dimension value is used to separate different blocks. Master/detail reports allow you to analyze data within a particular subset. The report in Figure 19-1 is a master/detail report that contains a crosstab and a pie chart for each product line. Accessories is a section header. Compare the layout in Figure 19-1 to the layout of the crosstab in Figure 19-2, in which the product lines (Accessories, City Skirts, etc.) are another column in the crosstab.
Creating Initialized Versus Uninitialized Arrays
Let s start with some basic formulas. Earlier in the chapter, equation 2 casually introduced you to the fact that 1 Horsepower (hp) 5 550 ft-lb/sec This was then conveniently bundled into equation 5 1 Horsepower (hp) 5 FV/375 where V is speed expressed in mph and F in lb force. Horsepower is a rate of doing work. It takes 1 hp to raise 550 lbs. one foot in one second. But the second equation, which relates force and speed, brings horsepower to you in more familiar terms. It takes 1 hp to move 37.5 lbs. at 10 mph. Great, but you can also move 50 lbs. at 7.5 mph with 1 hp. The first instance might describe the force required to push a vehicle forward on a level slope; the second describes the force required to push this same vehicle up an incline. Horsepower is equal to force times speed, but you need to specify the force and speed you are talking about. For example, since we already know that 146.19 lbs. is the total drag force on the 3,800-pound Ranger pickup at 50 mph, and equation 5 relates the actual power required at a vehicle s wheels as a function of its speed and the required tractive force:
partial class XY { public int X { get; set; } }
Organizations employ business processes to organize the tasks related to the development and maintenance of application software and the underlying IT infrastructure. Business processes provide constraint and management control for high-value activities such as software development and maintenance, infrastructure development and maintenance, as well as the structure for projects and project management. Many organizations recognize that business processes themselves have the same intricacies as software, and that life-cycle management is appropriate for, and similar to, the life cycle for software development. They also realize that business processes and application software are often tightly coupled and must often be managed as complex single entities. IS auditors should pay particular attention to an organization s methodologies and practices for the development and management of software, infrastructure, and business processes. This will give the auditor valuable information on the effectiveness of an organization s life-cycle management and how well the organization develops requirements and can transform them into applications and infrastructure that support key business processes. In addition to auditing the organization s development processes, auditors must also audit software applications. Areas of particular interest include controls that govern input, processing, and output, as much as the application s ability to perform calculations correctly and maintain the integrity of data that is being accessed by many users simultaneously.
to a particular subinterface.
Citrix recommends using the Citrix NetScaler Application Switch for load balancing multiple Access Gateway appliances. (See Figure 19-8.) Remember, when using a hardware load balancer, the load balancers are not monopolized by Access Gateway. They can be used for multiple components and services throughout the organization. When using a hardware load balancer, the user connects to the DNS load-balanced address for the Access Gateway servers. The load balancer then directs the connection to one of the Access Gateway servers, based on the load-balancing method. If one of the Access Gateway servers goes down at any point, the load balancer automatically bypasses the server. In Figure 19-8, the NetScaler Application Switches are shown in highavailability mode to avoid a single point of failure. This configuration is not required, but it is recommended for maximum availability. When configuring the hardware load balancer, remember to properly configure how the load balancer distributes requests from the same client. The Access Gateway modifies all packets to include the external public IP address of the Access Gateway server. The external public address ensures that the redirected client returns to the Access Gateway it first encountered, providing session continuity. The most important thing to remember when using a load-balancing solution is this: the load balancer s FQDN must be used for all components that need to reference Access Gateway. IMPORTANT The security certificates on all the Access Gateway servers must be identical and be configured for the load-balanced FQDN.
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