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LINQ stands for language-integrated query. It encompasses a set of features that lets you retrieve information from a data source. As you may know, the retrieval of data constitutes an important part of many programs. For example, a program might obtain information from a customer list, look up product information in a catalog, or access an employee s record. In many cases, such data is stored in a database that is separate from the application. For example, a product catalog might be stored in a relational database. In the past, interacting with such a database would involve generating queries using SQL (Structured Query Language). Other sources of data, such as XML, required their own approaches. Therefore, prior to C# 3.0, support for such queries was not built into C#. LINQ changes this. LINQ adds to C# the ability to generate queries for any LINQ-compatible data source. Furthermore, the syntax used for the query is the same, no matter what data source is used. This means that the syntax used to query data in a relational database is the same as that used to query data stored in an array, for example. It is no longer necessary to use SQL or any other non-C# mechanism. The query capability is fully integrated into the C# language. In addition to using LINQ with SQL, LINQ can be used with XML files and ADO.NET datasets. Perhaps equally important, it can also be used with C# arrays and collections (described in 15). Therefore, LINQ gives you a uniform way to access data. This is a powerful, innovative concept. It is not only changing the way that data is accessed, it also offers a new way to think about and approach old problems. In the future, many types of programming solutions will be crafted in terms of LINQ. Its effects will not be limited to just database access. LINQ is supported by a set of interrelated features, including the query syntax added to the C# language, lambda expressions, anonymous types, and extension methods. All are examined in this chapter.
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Label Polycarbonate Bonding layer Reflective layer Polycarbonate Laser beam
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EPON vs. Alternate Architectures
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When the estimated fetal weight is less than the 10th percentile at a given EGA Asymmetric is observed in 80% of cases A long-standing pathologic process, which began early in the pregnancy. Possible causes of IUGR include: first-trimester infections, fetal anomalies (severe cardiac defect), systemic maternal disease (DM type I, HTN), or chromosomal abnormalities (trisomy 13, 18, 21) Asymmetric IUGR is often attributed to a pathologic process occurring later in pregnancy such as: uteroplacental insufficiency because of PEC, twin transfusion syndromes, or teratogen exposure Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) because of increased thromboplastin release from the products of conception Pregnancy induces a state of weakened cell-mediated immunity. Th1, Il-2, and TNF are all decreased. For this reason certain autoimmune diseases seem to subside during pregnancy. However, humoral Th2 immunity is strengthened, with increased Il-4 and Il-10. This may result in lupus flares during pregnancy Double-bubble duodenal atresia, the appearance is because of fluid collections in the stomach and truncated intestine Banana sign communicating spina bifida, the appearance is because of the flattened cerebral hemispheres and cisterna magna Lemon sign neural tube defects, the appearance is because of an
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Managing Multiple Generated Configuration Wizards
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3. Choose the Shape Tool. Begin by clicking code 39 generator software
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Exposure Systems
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The Cash Sweep
foreach(IGrouping<string, string> sites in webAddrs) { Console.WriteLine("Web sites grouped by " + sites.Key); foreach(string site in sites) Console.WriteLine(" " + site); Console.WriteLine(); }
Login User ID : Password: 4. ********* ********* Crypto API 5. Credentials Decrypted Agent
C++ from the Ground Up
To add to a selection, select the desired tool. Hold down the SHIFT key, click inside the selection, drag outside of the selection to define the area you want to add to it, and release the mouse button. You can add multiple areas to the selection as long as you hold down the SHIFT key. To remove pixels from a selection, select the desired tool. Hold down the ALT key (Windows) or OPTION key (Macintosh), click outside the selection, and drag inside the selection to define the pixels you want removed. Release the mouse button to complete editing the selection. You can trim multiple areas from a selection as long as you hold down the ALT or OPTION key. To remove a selection that is no longer needed, choose Select | Delete Selection. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+D (Windows) or COMMAND+D (Macintosh). To select the inverse of a selection, choose Select | Inverse. For example, if you ve created a selection of a person, selecting the inverse will select everything but the person.
Shore-power cable connector SHORE SIDE BOAT SIDE Power inlet (insulated from boat if isolator installed) Galvanic isolator (optional) Main shore-power disconnect breaker
Exploring the C# Library
DVD-Recordable media and recorders are available, and can theoretically be integrated into duplicators, but at the time of this writing there have been no DVD-R duplication systems announced. They will become available soon, but at the moment that format is too new and not yet popular enough to be practical for duplicator manufacturers to invest in it when the CD-R duplicator market is much larger, and still growing. However, several manufacturers have told me their systems are DVD-ready for the time when the demand exists.
Some duplication users choose to have blank media silk-screened with their artwork before recording. Screened labels have the highest-resolution images, but this practice does mean that many discs will have the same design, unless an area is left in the artwork for overprinting with a disc printer. Some shops have experimented with including a eld of printable ink in a pre-screened design for this purpose, but experimentation with different ink formulas is necessary to nd one that works with the disc printer you use, and there is the matter of lining up the existing artwork with overprinted text or graphics as well. It is not impossible, but does require specialized equipment or a great deal of manual manipulation to achieve acceptable results.
9. Inspection
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