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Citrix Presentation Server 4.0, Advanced Edition
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The following error may occur after a password change occurs: Error: The Password Manager Service Key Management Module could not locate your keys. Contact your administrator. Password Manager agent will now shut down. Issue: Three possible causes for this error exist: The Central Store Proxy account does not have adequate permissions. Try making the Central Store Proxy account a Domain Administrator, to verify this is not the case. Also, the Central Store Proxy account must have access to AuthenticatedWS web service refer to the XTE Service Error Log section for more information. Regarding Central Store Proxy account permissions, please see the Advanced Concepts Guide article Configuring Citrix Password Manager 4.0 Administrative Access without being a Domain Administrator in Volume 3. The AKR.dat Service key (V4) has changed on the Password Manager Service machine. This can occur if the Password Manager Service machine was moved without exporting AKR.dat using the CtxMoveKeyRecoveryData tool. The V4 (AKR.dat) must remain static throughout a deployment when users have configured application credentials. For more information on migrating AKR.dat, see the Advanced Concepts Guide article Advanced Concepts in Automatic Key Recovery in Volume 4. The user s data has not replicated across multiple domain controllers.
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Figure 18.6 Mobile phone power calibration. The upper dotted-line curve shows the mobile s output power performance on the Y axis, versus frequency channel along the X axis. It is clearly outside the 3 dB specification permitted in GSM. The solid curve trace shows the calibrated power performance curve. Notice that the verification frequencies (shown by solid arrows) are placed in between the adjustment frequencies (shown by dotted arrows). This is because the frequencies most likely to fail the specification are those furthest from the adjustment frequencies. The adjustment frequency measurements will be stored in the mobile s EEPROM to be used as a lookup table for output power.
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Starting at 21 Next value is 23 Next value is 25 Next value is 27 Next value is 29 Next value is 31 Resetting to 0 Next value is 0 Next value is 2 Next value is 4 Next value is 6 Next value is 8
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The C# Language
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his book will teach you how to bring together what you know of finance, accounting, and the spreadsheet to give you a new skill building financial models. The ability to create and understand models is one of the most valued skills in business and finance today. It s an expertise that will stand you in good stead in any arena Wall Street or Main Street where numbers are important. Whether you are a veteran, just starting out on your career, or still in school, having this expertise can give you a competitive advantage in what you want to do. By the time you have completed the steps laid out in this book, you will have created a working, dynamic spreadsheet financial model with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) that you can use to make projections for industrial/manufacturing companies. (Banks and insurance companies have different flows in their businesses and are not covered in this book.) Along the way, I will take you through a tour of the essentials in Excel and modeling (s 1 to 5), then guerilla accounting to give you some familiarity with this subject ( 6) before plunging into actual model building (s 7 to 11). I cover the performance indicators that a model should have ( 12) and guidelines for making useful forecasts ( 13). In the rest of the book (s 14 to 19), I take you back to building additional bells and whistles to add to the basic model that you have built.
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