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Measure Application Delivery Center Benefits
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After you complete the configuration, the policy must be bound to the global or virtual server level to make it active. Refer to the upcoming section on how to bind the authentication policy. Client Certificate Authentication Along with the normal username and password for the user s authentication, a user can be authenticated using attributes from a client SSL certificate that is presented to the Access Gateway s virtual server. In order to authenticate users based on a client-side certificate, you need to enable client authentication on the virtual server and request the certificate. To enable client certificate authentication using the Configuration Utility, follow these steps: 1. In the left pane of the Configuration Utility, click SSL VPN. 2. In the left pane, click Global. 3. Under Authentication, click Authentication Settings. 4. In the Maximum Number of Users field, type the number of users who can be authenticated using the client certificate. 5. In Default Authentication Type, select Cert. 6. In User Name Field, type the name of the certificate field that holds the user names. 7. In Group Name Field, type the name of the certificate field that holds the group name. Then click OK. When the certificate is installed on the Access Gateway, enable client certificate authentication. You can do this using the command-line interface or the SSL VPN Policy Manager. To enable client authentication using the command-line interface, at a command prompt type the following:
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it around on the page. The effect should remind you of editing a path with the Shape Tool this child blend object is a node, and you alter the path of the blend by moving this object.
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5 Physical Disc Formats
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Spanning Tree Protocol
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3. Calculate the change in y-velocity ( vy) of the
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TABLE 22-3 The Search Methods Offered by String (continued)
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Several fundamental processes must be taken into consideration when biometric technology is integrated into an application as the authentication mechanism. Figure 10-1 shows the relationship between a typical application for biometric verification, consisting of Data Collection, Signal Processing, Matching, Decision and Storage.
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interfering signal, which is close to the desired signal frequency of the LO noise, which is close to the frequency of the LO frequency of the receiver s IF
Office Office ID MgrName Phone Address
A = 30'
Conformational transitions in DNA, including winding, unwinding, bend-
1. Point your existing remote at the PUR09 with a distance of about 1 inch between the two. 2. Press and hold the Setup button until the LED indicator lights constantly. 3. Release the Setup button. 4. Press and release the Mode button for the device you wish to control. The LED will blink once. 5. Press and release the Learn button. The LED will blink once. 6. Press and release the button on the PUR09 that you want to teach (for instance, the Play button). 7. Press and release the corresponding button on the original remote control. 8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each button you wish to teach the remote control. 9. When you are finished, press the Setup button.
to open the Color Cast Correction dialog box, as shown below. Notice that the image being corrected has a red color cast.
Filter Design
The STL Algorithms (continued)
FIGURE 14.6.
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