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/* Now, read and display the html present at the specified URI. So you can see what is being displayed, the data is shown 400 characters at a time. After each 400 characters are displayed, you must press ENTER to get the next 400. */ for(int i=1; ; i++) { ch = istrm.ReadByte(); if(ch == -1) break; Console.Write((char) ch); if((i%400)==0) { Console.Write("\nPress Enter."); Console.ReadLine(); } } // Close the Response. This also closes istrm. resp.Close(); } }
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Part II:
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Angle The Angle value applies to linear fountain fills and is set in degree values between 360 and 360 (a negative value). Positive angles rotate the fill counterclockwise, while negative values rotate the fill clockwise. Edge Pad This option sets the amount of contrast between the To and From colors, expressed in percentage. The default setting, 0, creates smooth, even blends at the slowest possible rate. Increasing this setting causes colors to change more abruptly, as shown next. Edge Pad can be set within a range of 0 to 49 percent, and this can also be adjusted in Object Properties (ALT+ENTER) and in the Fountain Fill dialog (F11). Moving the color markers of a Linear fill away from or toward your object s outline increases or decreases this value; try dragging the To and From color markers to positions outside of the object, for example, to decrease the Edge Pad effect.
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The * and & Pointer Operators
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FIguRE 6-10 Example aromatic molecules found in biological systems.
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char[] chrs = {'t', 'e', 's', 't'}; string str = new string(chrs);
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Ungrounded Grounded Grounding
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Once an interface has been defined, one or more classes can implement that interface. To implement an interface, the name of the interface is specified after the class name in just the same way that a base class is specified. The general form of a class that implements an interface is shown here: class class-name : interface-name { // class-body } The name of the interface being implemented is specified in interface-name.
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This second example is based on the sample Sales History database in which the web site address is derived from the city column. The web site address consists of three parts: The prefix, www. The city name, which comes from the SQL column SH.CUSTOMERS.CUST_CITY. The end of the web address, Commercial web site addresses in the U.S. end in .com or .net, while web site addresses in the U.K. end in For this object to work in a global deployment, one would need to add a DECODE or CASE function to test the Country as well.
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Application is executed. Application is executed.
R u n t i m e Ty p e I D , R e f l e c t i o n , a n d A t t r i b u t e s
Identifies the beginning of the 802.3 frame and is a string of 7 bytes of alternating 1s and 0s. Indicates the following byte is the start of the frame. The first 8 bytes are commonly referred to as the preamble, even though this is not quite true. The MAC address to which the frame is to be sent. The MAC address of the source of the frame. Defines the length of the frame from this point to the checksum at the end of the frame. The 802.2 LLC encapsulated frame. A checksum (CRC, or cyclic redundancy check) that is used to ensure that the frame is received by the destination error-free.
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The problem with the first solution is that it is not scalable or manageable names are easier to deal with than addresses. The second solution is a viable option if you control the DNS server if it s the ISP, you re probably out of luck. The third solution, the A-record translation feature (DNS Doctoring) allows the appliance to doctor the DNS reply being sent back to the internal user. Configuring this is easy: all you need to do is to add the dns parameter to the static command for the server. This parameter is also available with the nat command if you are implementing dynamic DNS. Given the network in Figure 12-1, here is the corresponding static command to use DNS Doctoring:
Figure 2.14 An FM signal with a modulation index of 0 (an unmodulated FM carrier).
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