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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P51
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Figure 4-1. Publishing databases
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The SONET Signal
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As just explained, the methods of a class typically manipulate and provide access to the data of the class. With this in mind, recall that Main( ) in the preceding examples computed the range of a vehicle by multiplying its fuel consumption rate by its fuel capacity. While technically correct, this is not the best way to handle this computation. The calculation of a vehicle s range is something that is best handled by the Vehicle class itself. The reason for this conclusion is easy to understand: The range of a vehicle is dependent upon the capacity of the fuel tank and the rate of fuel consumption, and both of these quantities are encapsulated by Vehicle. By adding a method to Vehicle that computes the range, you are enhancing its object-oriented structure. To add a method to Vehicle, specify it within Vehicle s declaration. For example, the following version of Vehicle contains a method called Range( ) that displays the range of the vehicle:
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Operator Overloading
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Part III
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$980.00 $1.50 $3.25 $2.50 $6.00 $65.00 $65.00 $30.00 $225.00 $135.00 $5.00 $55.00 $25.00 $25.00
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What s Wrong with Blu-ray Disc
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If either function is called with a pointer to a node that has been freed, _BADNODE could be returned because adjacent free memory is sometimes merged.
As we move up the frequency spectrum we encounter AM, VHF TV , FM, and UHF (ultra-high-frequency) TV. AM radio uses the 550- to 1650kHz band, while FM radio occurs in the 88- to 108-MHz band. Concerning television, in the United States VHF TV resides in the 54- to 216MHz band; UHF TV in the 220- to 500-MHz band. Although not shown , in Figure 2.3, wireless communications that occur in the 800- and 1900MHz bands results in relatively short wavelengths, which explains why the handset in your purse or connected to your belt has a relatively short antenna. MICROW VES Microwaves are shorter than radio waves but longer A than infrared. Two of the more popular uses for microwaves are for cooking and radar. Because water and fat molecules absorb energy in the form of waves generated at approximately 2.45 GHz, a microwave oven generates waves at that frequency. To do this, the oven uses a small metal box with several ridges that are sealed in a vacuum to generate electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 2.45 GHz. That box, referred to as a magnetron, represents the most costly component in a microwave oven. A second common use for microwaves occurs at frequencies around 10 GHz. Microwaves at that frequency are used for radar, where reflected microwaves directed at a specific target are returned at a shifted frequency. That returned frequency which results from the Doppler effect, , enables the speed of the object to be determined, to the chagrin of many motorists. INFRARED Infrared waves occur in that portion of the frequency spectrum above the microwave region but below visible light. Infrared rays are generated by hot objects in the form of infrared radiation, which explains how devices with sensors tuned to the infrared region can detect cars, tanks, and other vehicles and pinpoint the loss of heat from homes and apartments. Another use for infrared is for short-distance communications; for instance, many laptop and notebook computers have an infrared sensor. VISIBLE LIGHT As mentioned earlier visible light resides in the elec, tromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 400 and 700 billionths of a meter (400 to 700 nm). To better appreciate its positioning in the frequency spectrum, refer to Figure 2.4, which provides an exploded view
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Introducing the Citrix Application Delivery Platform Alternative
Focus on the Eyes
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