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Circuit bonding can be used to overcome some of these limitations. By using circuit bonding to transport Ethernet (either over SONET or copper facilities), the well-established, carrier-class standards of protection equivalent to those offered by SONET are available. While other solutions exist to carry Ethernet over SONET, only circuit bonding offers full transparency and efficient transport. Circuit bonding supports line-side M:N protection. This allows the clients to share the bandwidth of multiple parallel line-side connections and also use some of these lines as active, load-sharing standby facilities. Circuit bonding can also provide redundant diverse path protection. It maps client information onto a set of line-side transmission paths. By using physically diverse routes, a circuit-bonded system can offer path protection. Circuit bonding reacts very quickly to failures and automatically performs load sharing across all available paths well within the MEF-required 50 ms timeframe. This capability allows a service provider to offer protected off-net or on-net Ethernet service without the cost of SONET transmission.
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at private-sector use of the technology. In one of the first steps taken toward understanding private-sector applications of biometrics, Congress held hearings on Biometrics and the Future of Money in May 1998. These hearings, before the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy of the Committee on Banking and Financial Services of the U.S. House of Representatives, featured panels of leading technologists as well as policy experts who explained how biometrics can be used for identity assurance and raised law and policy concerns related to biometric use. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, numerous congressional hearings examined the role biometrics could play in improving homeland security. For example, on November 5, 2001, Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, Chairman of the Senate Aviation Subcommittee, conducted a hearing at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. The Subcommittee heard from witnesses who discussed, among other things, uses of biometrics in civil aviation. Congress has also enacted legislation requiring government to act to develop this technology to help secure our borders. For example, the USA PATRIOT Act requires, among other things, that the Attorney General and the Secretary of State jointly, through NIST, develop and certify by January 26, 2003, a technology standard including appropriate biometric identifier standards that can be used to help ensure that a person has not received a visa under an alias name.
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Tuning and Optimizations
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Fiber and WDM
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Font Name This is the name of the typeface you choose. By default you re using Arial 24 point. You change fonts in a new document by selecting text you ve typed with the Pick Tool, and then choosing a different font from the drop-down list. If a font has family members, a right-facing triangle can be seen to the right of the font name when the drop-down list is extended, and you can choose the font member by clicking the (flyout) triangle. You can also perform a speed-search by clicking the current name in the Font Name box and then typing the first few letters of the font you want. The drop-down list immediately scrolls to the neighborhood of installed fonts, making your selection a fast and effortless one. Note also that the Font Name drop-down list, at the top, above the divider bar, shows the fonts you ve chosen recently from previous documents and even from previous CorelDRAW sessions. Point Size Text has traditionally been measured in points. With current digital typeface technology, the rounded-off value is 72 points to the inch (traditionally, physically set type was 72.27 points to the inch; you can safely ignore this trivia!). Artistic Text used as a headline ideally can be anywhere from 24 points for a flyer headline, to 72 points for an impactful newspaper headline, to 300 points (over 4 inches in height) and up for headlines that fairly shout at the reader. There s no hypothetical limit to how large Artistic Text can be.
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Cormerstones of Human Potential
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Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
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40 Petroleum 30 Hydroelectric Power 20 Coal 10 Wood 0 1850 1875 1900 1925 1950 1975 2000
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The output is shown here:
A class is created by use of the keyword class. Here is the general form of a simple class definition that contains only instance variables and methods: class classname { // declare instance variables access type var1; access type var2; // ... access type varN; // declare methods access ret-type method1(parameters) { // body of method } access ret-type method2(parameters) { // body of method } // ... access ret-type methodN(parameters) { // body of method } } Notice that each variable and method declaration is preceded with access. Here, access is an access specifier, such as public, which specifies how the member can be accessed. As mentioned in 2, class members can be private to a class or more accessible. The access specifier determines what type of access is allowed. The access specifier is optional, and if absent, then the member is private to the class. Members with private access can be used only by other members of their class. For the examples in this chapter, all members (except for the Main( ) method) will be specified as public, which means that they can be used by all other code even code defined outside the class. We will return to the topic of access specifiers in 8.
Event 0 received by an X object. Source is MyEvent Event 0 received by a Y object. Source is MyEvent Event 1 received by an X object. Source is MyEvent Event 1 received by a Y object. Source is MyEvent
A Look into the Future Evolution of Carrier Ethernet Solutions . . . . . . . . . . 501
and Start in Cell: text boxes. The value entered in the Start in Cell: box determines the location of the report matrix within an Excel worksheet. Space can be provided in the Excel worksheet for customized report titles by appropriately selecting the matrix start cell. The Model: box lists all the models available in our Budget application. Highlight the CorpBudget from Budget to select the CorpBudget model for the purpose of the examples in this chapter. The Options tab in the New Matrix dialog box allows the developer to select the various report matrix options, including allowing data entry, removing blank rows and columns, and so on. The selections on this tab are left at their default values. Clicking OK will close the dialog box, and the new matrix Matrix1 will appear in the Authoring pane, as shown in the right half of Figure 7-36. The next step in creating a report matrix is selecting the dimensions for the matrix. After highlighting Matrix1 in the top box, pick Select Dimensions from the Available Actions drop-down box. Clicking on the green arrow button next to the drop-down box will open the Select Dimensions for Matrix dialog box. All the dimension member sets used in the model CorpBudget are available on the left side of this dialog box. Selecting a member set from any dimension will enable the three buttons in the middle bar of the dialog box. These buttons can be used to add the selected member set to Columns, Rows, or Filters. For the purpose of the examples in this chapter, the All Members member set of the Scenario dimension is added to the Columns, the Corporate member set of the Entity dimension is added to the Filters, the ExpenseAccount member set of Account dimension is added to the Rows, and the YQM member set of Time dimension is added to the Columns, as shown in Figure 7-37. If any dimension member set is added to the Filters, then the Select Filters dialog box will appear to help the developer to pick the default members for the filter dimensions. Select the value FIN for the Entity.Corporate filter for the examples in this chapter. The selected dimension member sets will appear in the Authoring pane at this point. Clicking on the down arrow next to the name of each dimension will open a pop-up menu with several options. The Select Members and the Select Properties are the two most frequently used options here. The Select Members option will open the Select Members dialog box where the dimension members to be displayed in the matrix are selected. The Select Members dialog box for the Time dimension, along with the member selection used in the examples in this chapter, is shown in Figure 7-38. The Select Properties option can be used to pick the dimension properties to be displayed in the report matrix. A single Excel work sheet in a multi-sheet report can contain multiple report matrixes. There are several properties that can be defined for the matrixes within a business report. Clicking on the Properties link under the Reports icon in the
9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.
Shared Key Authentication
USB, docking station JPEG MPEG, AVI 340 210 ppi 15 30 4.7 1.9 2.9 inches 7.4 ounces Compatible with HP Photosmart printers 10-second self-timer Portrait and landscape modes Memories Disc Creator software requires CD writer and 700 MB additional hard disk space Information not available
5. Which of the following allows a router to forward a DHCP request to a remote DHCP server A. B. C. D. DHCP solicit stateless autoconfiguration stateful autoconfiguration IP Helper
If You re Going to Compromise, Compromise Up! and disrespectful treatment of her mother. We teach people how to treat us, and that s exactly what Meg was unintentionally doing in this case and in many situations before this one. How might Meg s life take a different turn if she would just be honest with others and stand up for herself and her family For starters, in this situation, her mother would have received higher-quality patient care right from her hospital admittance. Meg would have been setting the tone for what is and is not acceptable treatment of her family. By speaking up for her mother s rights, Meg would have gained credibility among the hospital staff as a concerned and observant daughter, increasing the probability that action would have been taken to correct the problems early on. Meg also would have been sending a strong message to the hospital staff that said, I m paying attention to what s going on here, and I will continue to monitor the quality of my mother s care, because I expect more. If Meg starts compromising up, she will drastically alter her path toward True North and enrich her family s life with greater abundance. In all three of these cases, Josh, Laura, and Meg made life choices for their individual situations. Each of them chose self-deprivation over abundance. And when we choose self-deprivation over abundance, we choose to alter our life s course, moving us further away from, not closer to, our True North.
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