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When one of the Password Manager Service machines fails, new requests are unaffected because the hardware load balancer automatically routes the connection to a server that is still available. If a failure occurs in the middle of a transaction, such as a user who is in the middle of a Self-Service Password Reset, a message appears stating that an error occurred. When the user attempts the process again, it succeeds as normal. NOTE When load balancing between multiple Password Manager servers, the same certificates must be installed on all servers. The best way to ensure this is to configure one of the Password Manager service machines. When everything is working properly, follow the procedure to back up the keys and key recovery secret. When a new Password Manager service machine is installed, the keys and secret can be restored to the new machine. If the backup and restore procedures are followed, both servers contain an identical set of encryption keys and either server can unencrypt or encrypt data on the central store.
reappear in the block. This is not available in Web Intelligence. As an alternative, use Drill By from the pop-up menu and select the desired dimension.
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Step 5 Plan the creation of a development plan
Figure 5.2 BD Disc Cartridges
Once the values were determined, the developers used another process. Setting the values in place, they had to determine where along the wave the sample fell. They created a value system to show the 256 levels by using the table shown in Table 26-2 . First, the digital PCM signal is representative of both positive and negative values. To reflect where along the wave the sample fell, the 8th bit in each sample is used as a sign (+/-) value. The other seven bits therefore represent the actual sample value. There are 128 points on the positive side of the wave and 128 points on the negative side of the wave. In this table, we look at the major stepping points. Two different formats are shown in the table, the PCM used in North America (and Japan) is Mu-Law, whereas the rest of the world uses an A-Law method. These are different as shown. Table 26-2: Summary of values for PCM in Mu-Law and A-Law formats Coded Numerical Value Bit Number Mu-Law 12345678 +127 + 96 + 64 10000000 10011111 10111111 A-Law 12345678 11111111 11100000 11000000 Comments The left-most bit (bit number 1) is transmitted first. It is the most significant bit. This bit is used as the sign bit; it is a 1 for positive values,
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