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n 6, I discussed the importance of aligning the universe with business goals, outlined techniques to plan for iterative development, and reviewed the basic components of a universe. In this chapter, you will get much more technical and look at the Designer interface and key parameters that help you build the universe.
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This topic and its importance are discussed in 13. It has a profound impact on how you structure security and on what security you import from your old repository. In version 6, access to individual documents had to be explicitly enabled or disabled. With XI, documents can be stored within folders, allowing administrators to control access at group and folder levels. This provides much more flexibility. You may then choose not to import what was a highly complex security scheme from your version 6 repository, but instead, to simplify the security in XI through groups and folders.
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Executive Summary
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Setting Dimension Tool Defaults
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There are many options and nuances associated with group joins. In fact, the group join is one of the most sophisticated query techniques, and it is one feature that you will want to explore thoroughly. One of the best ways is to experiment with simple examples, making sure that you thoroughly understand what is occurring in each step.
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Figure 30-5.
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The second file is shown next:
XTE Service Error Log
The Zivan NG3
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Introducing the Standard Template Library
With business customers, the cost of changing numbers can be significant. When a business changes telephone numbers, the costs include reprinting stationary, business cards, advertisements, and literature. The statistics are shown in Figure 5-1 .
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In this section, we will examine the pay practices for income producers. We would expect the pay mechanics for income producers to be relatively easy to present. In concept, income producer pay programs are based on a simple premise: Income producers are the business and they receive a share or portion of every sale.As a result, the pay plan should be an easy-to-understand straight commission expressed as a percent of sales production dollars. However, many variations of income producer pay plans exist.
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When deploying Conferencing Manager into your Presentation Server environment, understanding how Conferencing Manager communicates with its various components is important. This is especially important when deploying over a wide area network (WAN). This section describes which Conferencing Manager components communicate with each other, the protocols they use, and the amount of bandwidth consumed. It is important to know that when Conferencing Manager is idle this means no meetings are in progress, and no users are creating and/or joining meetings no bandwidth is overhead. Figure 9-1 displays the actions that happen when a user launches the Conferencing Manager Client. 1. When a user launches the Conferencing Manager Client, it communicates using RPC with the Conference Organizer service. This is to retrieve a list of available meetings the user can join. The amount of bandwidth used during this action is (KB = 11.9 + (1.5 * # of meetings). 2. The client then communicates to the Exchange server only if there is a valid Outlook profile. This also uses RPC and the amount of bandwidth can be represented by (KB = 2.9 + (24.7 * # of meetings). 3. The client communicates with the configured Citrix XML service to retrieve their list of available published applications on the Presentation Server farm. This communication uses the HTTP protocol and the bandwidth is calculated using the following formula (KB = 12.4 + (0.3 * # of meetings). 4. A user connects to a Presentation Server farm and launches the Conferencing Manager user-interface published application. This communication uses the ICA protocol and is optimized for WAN connections. When the interface is initialized, the communication shown in Figure 9-2 begins.
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