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Integrated circuit technology, circuit board construction, and modular tuning, along with the remote control system, have reduced the cost of TV sets drastically. Still, the picture tube or the projection system determines the cost of the receiver. All of the electronic systems of a number of today s TV sets are valued at $40 to $50. The cabinet and screen /tube system results in most of the cost of a TV set. Since the subscriber s television set is what produces the cable system s picture, it is most important that cable operators make sure the cable installer makes the proper connections to the TV set and instructs and advises the subscriber in getting the most out of the service. 2.121 As stated earlier, the television set has to tune precisely to the cable channels for best signal and sound quality. The noise characteristics of the television set tuner are most critical. The noise gures of early TV sets were quite poor and the UHF portion even worse. As TV sets improved, the noise gures of the channel-selecting tuners did as well. The IF bandwidth characteristics improved also, which in turn gave better pictures with improvements in the quality of TV receiver design. The picture resolution improved from about 260 lines to about 380 to 400. With the arrival of HDTV, picture resolution will indeed improve again. Since HDTV is be digital, the consumer electronic manufacturers are going to be busy designing, developing, and testing TV sets for this new service. The broadcasting companies are busy getting new studio and transmitting equipment capable of handling the digital signals, readying the public for HDTV service where no HDTV sets exist. The trials of offair digital television services will be taking place soon. Then maybe the problem areas will be identi ed. As yet no signal strength parameters, signal-to-noise speci cations, or tolerance-to-multipath reception information has resulted. In short, no one knows if digital television broadcast stations can be received with rabbit-ear antennas or will be back to rooftop antennas. As far as the cable operator is concerned, questions remain. First, will cable headends receive digitally modulated signals from a tower-mounted antenna Second, will cable systems convert some of the signals to other modulation schemes or to NTSC VSB format Third, what will be the must-carry rules set forth by the FCC for broadcast stations transmitting multiple-channel digital signals And the list seems to go on and on. 2.122 The channel converter either rented or purchased from the cable operator has traditionally been required to provide cable television chan-
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Difference Query Show faculty w h o are not students (pure faculty). Only s h o w the c o m m o n columns in the result. Oracle uses the MINUS keyword instead of the EXCEPT keyword used in S Q L 2 0 0 3 . SELECT FacSSN AS SSN, FacFirstName AS FirstName, FacLastName AS LastName, FacCity AS City, FacState AS State FROM Faculty MINUS SELECT StdSSN AS SSN, StdFirstName AS FirstName, StdLastName AS LastName, StdCity AS City, StdState AS State FROM Student SSN 098765432 543210987 654321098 765432109 987654321 FirstName LEONARD VICTORIA LEONARD NICKI JULIA LastName VINCE EMMANUEL FIBON MACON MILLS City SEATTLE BOTHELL SEATTLE BELLEVUE SEATTLE State WA WA WA WA WA
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If you are attempting to access the console port of a switch or router, and all you see is garbage in your terminal session, this could indicate an incorrect terminal setting. Usually the culprit is an incorrect baud rate. Some devices allow you to perform an operating system upgrade via the console port, and an administrator might change it to the highest possible value but forget to change it back to 9600 bps. If you suspect this, keep on changing your baud rate until you find the right speed. If you are having problems accessing devices in the switched network, you can look at a few options. First, is the device you are trying to reach in the same VLAN If so, make sure that you are using the correct IP addressing scheme in the VLAN and that the two devices trying to share information have their ports in the same VLAN. If the two devices are Cisco devices, you can use CDP to elicit some of this information, for instance the IP address, by using the show cdp commands (discussed in 17). Is the switch learning about the devices in your network You might want to examine your CAM tables and make sure that a port security violation is not causing your connectivity problem (see 12). For VLAN information, use the show commands on your switches to check your VLAN configuration. Also check the VLAN configuration on each switch and make sure the VLANs are configured with the same parameters by using the show vlan command. If the port LED is solid amber, your problem could be that the port s VLAN was deleted and the port wasn t reassigned. Other problems can also cause the port LED to turn amber, such as STP placing the port in a blocking state ( 14) or port security has disabled the port because of a security violation ( 12). Actually, if you see that a lot of port LEDs are amber, a deleted VLAN is probably the problem. Use the show interface switchport command to determine whether a deleted VLAN is the problem: if you see that the VLAN assigned to the port is inactive, like this, then you ve identified the culprit:
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In December 2005 Yahoo! began offering some of its web services in JSON, and Google followed suit in December 2006.
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Another variable adjustment method is the point schedule (see Figure 5-24).Again, like other variable adjustment methods, the point schedule changes the economic value of each sale by awarding points
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Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture code 39 generator
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Be Careful: A Zero May Not Be a Zero In cases where the condition of an IF formula is whether a cell is 0 or not, be aware that sometimes a cell may look like it contains a 0, but does not. Excel translates numbers from the base 10 numbers to the hexadecimal (base 16) code of the computer for its calculations and then retranslates that back again. A discrepancy may result. This discrepancy is miniscule (you may see a number like 0.00000045, for example) and generally will not have a material effect on calculations. It can, however, have a great effect on an IF condition. If you set a formula such as: =IF(D17=0,A10,B10) that small discrepancy in D7 will make the D17 0 condition return a FALSE. If you do need to use this test, do a ROUND
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This dialog features options for globally setting default handling of your exported HTML text.
LOP LOS LOF LOS LOF AIS (K2) FERF (K2) RAI (G1) B1 (BIP-8) B3 (BIP-8) FEBE (G1) B2 (BIP-24) B1 (BIP-8) RAI (V5) LOP AIS (H1H2) LOP AIS (V1V2) Tributary AIS
Time Limit for Disconnected Sessions
Figure 22.8 Stimulated emission for semiconductor laser.
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Optical Disc Recording Issues
With Cisco s switches, the default priority is 32,768, which is defined by IEEE 802.1d. Assuming that all your switches are Cisco switches and you don t change the default priority, the switch with the lowest MAC address will be chosen as the root switch. You can override the election process by changing the priority value assigned to a switch. If you want one switch to be the root, assign it a priority value that is lower than 32,768. Through the sharing of the BPDUs, the switches will figure out which switch has the lowest switch ID, and that switch is chosen as the root switch. Note that this election process is taking place almost simultaneously on each switch, where each switch will come up with the same result. In other words, the switch that has the lowest switch ID is not advertising to other switches that it has the lowest ID value and thus everyone else should be a non-root switch. For Catalyst switches that implement VLANs (discussed in 13), the switches will have a different switch ID per VLAN, and a separate instance of STP per VLAN. Each VLAN has its own root switch (which can be the same switch for all VLANs, or different switches for each VLAN). And within each VLAN, STP will run and remove loops in that particular VLAN. Cisco calls this concept per-VLAN STP (PVST). This topic is discussed later in the Per-VLAN STP Plus section.
In the previous section on the various descriptors, instances occur where a reference is understandably made to specifics that depend on the type of termination in question. Clearly, different types of terminations exist, and the properties and capabilities of those terminations will vary according to type. For example, it is obvious that a termination connected to an analog telephone line will be quite different from a termination connected to a digital trunk. Consequently, it is not practical to define within the protocol itself all the possible termination properties that could exist, all the possible signals that could possibly be sent, all the possible statistics that might apply, and all the possible events that might be detected. To address the variations between different types of terminations, MEGACO incorporates the concept of packages. Packages are groups of properties, signals, events, and statistics. Within a package, these items are defined and are given identifiers, and the parameters associated with them are specified. A given termination implements a set of packages, and the MGC can audit a termination to determine which packages it supports. Several basic packages are described in the MEGACO specification. Among these are the Tone Detection Package, the DTMF Generator Package, and the Analog Line Supervision Package, to name just a few. The MEGACO spec also provides guidance for the specification of new packages, which should be registered with the IANA. Packages Descriptor In the previous discussion of descriptors, one descriptor is purposely not mentioned. This is the packages descriptor. It was left out until the concept of packages could be introduced. The
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