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Figure 6-7 The photo on the left is an enlargement of a print on everyday ink-jet paper. On the right is the same enlarged image on HP Glossy Premium Plus paper, improving color and detail.
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A wireless mesh network is a mesh network in which the nodes are interconnected by means of wireless links such as RF or FSO. Wireless mesh network technology has received significant attention recently, primarily due to the suitability of wireless technology for mesh networks and due to the development and proliferation of wireless technologies such as WiFi. The benefits of wireless mesh networks have been widely appreciated, and several wireless mesh products are now offered by manufacturers. In this section, we will discuss the attributes of wireless mesh networks, especially when used with optical wireless technology. There are generally two types of wireless mesh networks: (1) point-to-point (PtP) mesh networks that are made up of nodes interconnected by means of point-to-point wireless links, and (2) point-to-multipoint (PtM) mesh networks that consist of nodes interconnected by means of point-to-multipoint links. FSO being a PtP technology, the optical wireless mesh network discussed throughout the remainder of this chapter is a PtP mesh network. However, it is valuable to discuss PtM mesh networks briefly. PtM is a mesh network of nodes that use point-to-multipoint RF wireless technology to communicate with other nodes. By virtue of having used a PtM RF wireless technology, the physical topology of a PtM mesh network does not have to be predefined and static. The nodes can be nomadic or even mobile in certain cases. This attribute makes PtM mesh networks ideally suited for ad-hoc networks where randomly distributed nodes communicate with each other to create a mesh network. Unlike PtP mesh networks where every connection between two nodes has to be predefined, PtM mesh networks have the benefit of being dynamic in the sense that the number of neighboring nodes that a node can directly communicate with can be dynamic. This facilitates the creation of a dense mesh network, giving it more redundancy. PtM mesh networks have several limitations compared to PtP mesh networks. Mostly, nodes in PtM mesh networks can communicate with only one other node at any given time, even though these nodes may be capable of communicating directly with multitudes of nodes at different times. This is in contrast to PtP mesh networks, where a node can simultaneously communicate directly with more than one node at any given time. This limitation results in the reduced capacity of a PtM network because not all direct communication links can be utilized at the same time. Data traffic in PtM mesh networks also experience higher end-to-end latency and jitter, due to the higher delay experienced by data traffic at each hop. Because PtM technology is a shared-medium technology, the underlying network capacity may also degrade beyond certain utilization. The density of nodes in a geographical area may also be limited, and a complex spectral planning and routing algorithm may be needed in such PtM mesh networks. FSO being a point-to-point wireless technology, the optical wireless mesh network discussed in this chapter falls under the category of PtP mesh networks. Throughout the remainder of this chapter, the discussion of mesh networks is limited to PtP mesh networks. We start by discussing the key attributes of wireless mesh networks, which make the technology highly attractive.
GEM (Globally Executable MHP) / MHP (Multimedia Home Platform)
When can a D&X be performed What is the advantage of a D&X procedure over a D&E Are prophylactic antibiotics indicated to prevent infection
We call this limit the integral of f from x = a to x = b and we write it as
Overview of CD-R and Writable DVD Technology
Arrays and Strings
Microsoft SharePoint Services and Dynamics CRM Services
Figure 13.4 Media Convergence in the Digital Age (continued)
Rescue Underexposed or Washed-Out Photos
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