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If a switch boots up without (System Con guration Dialog) will be a con guration in NVRAM, the setup script presented to the administrator.
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legal scholarship on privacy and examined the right to privacy with respect to government use of biometrics, and 14 s case study narrowly focused on the extent to which we have a right to privacy in the face we show in public.
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A sample run of the program is shown here:
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FIGURE 11.10. A Torsional Spring.
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If you continue to have problems after cleaning the disc, you may need to attempt to repair one or more scratches. Sometimes even hairline scratches can cause errors if they happen to cover an entire ECC block. Examine the disc, keeping in mind that the laser reads from the bottom. There are essentially two methods of repairing scratches: (1) fill or coat the scratch with an optical material or (2) polish down the scratch. Many commercial products do one or both of these, or you may wish to buy polishing compounds or toothpaste and do it yourself. The trick is to polish out the scratch without causing new ones. A mess of small polishing scratches can cause more damage than a big scratch. As with cleaning, polish only in the radial direction. Libraries, rental shops, and other venues that need to clean many discs may want to invest in a commercial polishing machine that can restore a disc to pristine condition, even after an amazing amount of abuse. Keep in mind, though, that the data layer on a BD is only onetenth as deep as on a CD and one-sixth of a DVD so the BD cannot be repolished too many times.
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Before examining C# s control statements, we will make a short digression that will allow you to begin writing interactive programs. Up to this point, the sample programs in this book have displayed information to the user, but they have not received information from the user. Thus, you have been using console output, but not console (that is, keyboard) input. Here, you will begin to use input by reading characters that are typed at the keyboard. To read a character from the keyboard, call Console.Read( ). This method waits until the user presses a key and then returns the key. The character is returned as an integer, so it must be cast to char to assign it to a char variable. By default, console input is line-buffered, so you must press ENTER before any character that you type will be sent to your program. Here is a program that reads a character from the keyboard:
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After the substitution, the output produced by the program will look like this:
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Idle frame format ttl base control sa control idle payload = all 0 fcs 1 1 6 4 4
menor(es) lesser, younger m s grande(s) bigger mayor(es) greater, older
Inside XYCoord(int, int) Inside XYCoord() Inside XYCoord(int, int) Inside XYCoord(int, int) Inside XYCoord(obj) t1.x, t1.y: 0, 0 t2.x, t2.y: 8, 9 t3.x, t3.y: 8, 9
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