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Administrators can specify backup URLs for Program Neighborhood Agent in their Web Interface configuration; in case the Program Neighborhood Agent cannot connect to the Web Interface site, it can failover to another specified site. Extends the SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration feature on the server to support additional media types on the client. Automatically detects a proxy server so users do not have to configure the proxy server manually. In larger environments, this feature is especially useful because it prevents administrators from spending time supporting incorrect or dynamic configurations. Program Neighborhood Agent can now use pass-through authentication to connect through the Access Gateway to computers running Citrix XenApp. The Clients for Windows now supports the Advanced Encryption (AES) cipher for connections using TLS.
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1. Superstructure repairs will be made to the bridge to restore serviceability, original functionality, and extend the bridge life. A eld inspection will be made to determine if conditions to the bridge have changed since the last inspection. 2. The deck will be evaluated using non-destructive testing such as ground penetrating radar to determine the need for repairs prior to milling and resurfacing. Recommend future work if required, including preventative maintenance. 3. Review the latest bridge inspection report and visit the site. Investigate replacing the deck and repairing the superstructure versus complete/partial superstructure replacement within the existing bridge footprint. 4. Environmental restrictions, estimated short-term costs, and life-cycle costs of major items (capital cost, interest rate, salvage value, rehabilitation, and maintenance cost) will be considered in selecting the repair methodology. Minimum service life of 25 years is targeted. 5. Examples of near-term repairs: These will include repair to deck joints at piers and abutments, patching spalls on deck underside and sidewalk, cleaning and painting the railing, rebuilding approach curbs at all four corners with epoxy concrete, removing deteriorated encasement, clean and paint exposed steel, and waterproo ng. Cracks in deck and parapet concrete will be repaired by pressure grouting. 6. Repair corroded sectional areas of anges, deteriorated asphalt overlay, curbs, sidewalks, under deck, exposed rebars, encasement deterioration, severe spalls, severe scaling, and spread of cracks. 7. Replacement deck design: One course deck construction is proposed. Design a minimum 8 inch thick composite deck. The new deck slab will extend over multiple approach spans at each end and uncased steel spans. 8. Increasing strength and service life: Making the new deck composite will increase section properties, thereby increasing the service life. Accordingly, bolt small angles or channels on top ange in place of welding shear studs. The increase in cost is small. Upgrading existing simply supported beams to continuous beams will eliminate deck joints over piers. This will also increase both the rating (load carrying capacity of beams) and the life of the deck slab. Continuity can be established by bolting ange plates at the piers. 9. Methodology: Decks will be designed using LRFD Method and LRFD Loading. As-built plans and other records of bridge history will be considered. 10. Fender system repairs/reconstructions. 11. Seismic hazard criteria The earthquake locations and magnitudes shown in the database for national seismic hazard maps developed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS)
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TABLE 27.3 Protocol Analyzer Selection Criteria (Continued).
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dollars. [Here we assume, of course, that all interest is re-invested in the account.] But if the interest is compounded n times during the year then the year
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We first notice that the principal associated angle is 3 /4, so we deal with that angle. Figure 1.37 shows that the triangle associated to this angle is an isosceles right triangle with hypetenuse 1.
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Starting in version 7.2, the security appliances support the traceroute command, which allows you to trace the layer 3 hops that packets go through to reach a destination. Here is the syntax of the command:
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Data Communications Basics Data Communications Basics 31
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After highlighting the Budget model site, clicking on the OK button will open the model site in Planning Business Modeler client tool, as shown in Figure 7-10. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, a new application can be created from the Planning Business Modeler client tool. The various actions available under the File menu allow the developers to create a new application or model subsite for the current application. The user should have the appropriate role permissions to perform these actions. However, to avoid potential database errors in multiple-server environments, it is recommended that you use the Planning Administration Console to perform all Global Administrator tasks including creating new applications, model sites, or model subsites. This is explained in detail in the section on Planning Administration Console in this chapter. The models in PPS Planning Server are very similar to Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cubes in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). In fact, SSAS OLAP cubes are created for each model in the Planning Server during the model site
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Today s compensation administrator can choose from among many automation alternatives including: desktop applications, custom solutions, dedicated applications, and program suite options.The selection of the right automation choice depends on information processing needs and costs. Of course, as processing needs arise, so do costs both direct (purchase price) and indirect (staff and field time)
other routers in the network. One downside to hold-down timers is that they slow down convergence.
in which case the mass center is said to coincide with the volume centroid of the body. Rearranging Eq. 11.23,
Dunn, Julian. Sample Clock Jitter and Real-Time Audio over the IEEE1394 High-Performance Serial Bus. Preprint 4920, 106th AES Convention, Munich, May 1999. Dunn, Julian, and Ian Dennis. The Diagnosis and Solution of Jitter-Related Problems in Digital Audio. Preprint 3868, 96th AES Convention, Amsterdam. February 1994. Jack, Keith. Video Demystified: A Handbook for the Digital Engineer (5th ed.). Newnes, 2007. ISBN: 0750683953. Johnson, Mark R., Charles G. Crawford, and Christen M. Armbrust. High-Definition DVD Handbook: Producing for HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. McGraw-Hill, 2007. ISBN: 0071485856. Morris, Steven, and Anthony Smith-Chaigneau. Interactive TV Standards: A Guide to MHP, OCAP, and JavaTV. Focal Press, 2005. ISBN: 0240806662. Negroponte, Nicholas and Marty Asher. Being Digital. Vintage Books, 1996. ISBN: 0679762906. Pohlmann, Ken C. Principles of Digital Audio (5th ed.). McGraw-Hill, 2005. ISBN: 071441565. Poynton, Charles A. Digital Video and HDTV Algorithms and Interfaces. Morgan Kaufmann, 2003. ISBN: 1558607927. - A Technical Introduction to Digital Video. John Wiley & Sons, 1996. ISBN: 047112253X. Solari, Stephen J. Digital Video and Audio Compression. McGraw-Hill, 1997. ISBN: 0070595380. Symes, Peter. Digital Video Compression. McGraw-Hill, 2003. ISBN: 0071424873. Taylor, Jim, Mark R. Johnson, and Charles G. Crawford. DVD Demystified (3rd ed.). McGraw-Hill, 2006. ISBN: 0071423966. Watkinson, John. The MPEG Handbook (2nd ed.). Focal Press, 2004. ISBN: 024080578X. - The Art of Digital Video (4th ed.). Focal Press, 2008. ISBN: 024052005X. - The Art of Digital Audio (3d ed.) Focal Press. ASIN: B001CD663E. - An Introduction to Digital Audio (2nd ed.). Focal Press, 2002. ASIN: B001B0MQ50. Zink, Michael, Philip C. Starner, and Bill Foote. Programming HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc: The HD Cookbook. McGraw-Hill, 2007. ISBN: 007149670X.
As discussed in 8, an object initializer provides an alternative to explicitly calling a constructor when creating an object. When using object initializers, you specify initial values for the fields and/or properties that you want to initialize. Furthermore, the object initializer syntax is the same for both properties or fields. For example, here is the object initializer demonstration program from 8, reworked to show the use of object initializers with properties. Recall that the version shown in 8 used fields. The only difference between this version of the program and the one shown in 8 is that Count and Str have been converted from fields into properties. The object initializer syntax is unchanged.
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Inside thread Event Thread 1 Event Thread 1 Main thread waiting for event. Event Thread 1 Event Thread 1 Event Thread 1 Event Thread 1 Event Thread 1 Done! Main thread received first event. Inside thread Event Thread 2 Event Thread 2 Event Thread 2 Event Thread 2 Event Thread 2 Event Thread 2 Event Thread 2 Done! Main thread received second event.
When the brakes are applied ( f = 0) , v = 60 ft/s so 60 = -16(0)
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