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(b) Multiple clients and one server on different computers
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Part I:
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Ones like to have multifaceted, unorganized work that they can transform by creating a clear structure with defined processes and top-quality deliverables. Organizing and structuring stimulate and satisfy Ones, and they do this with an emphasis on practicality, responsibility, and consistency.
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ciscoasa(config)# class-map L3_pptp_ports ciscoasa(config-cmap)# match port tcp eq 1723 ciscoasa(config)# policy-map L3_pptp_policy ciscoasa(config-pmap)# class L3_pptp_ports ciscoasa(config-pmap-c)# inspect pptp ciscoasa(config)# service-policy L3_pptp_policy interface inside
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When the price of a certain product is p dollars per unit, customer demand is x
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FIGURE 26-3 Sample output from the Stop Button program
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Synchronization, as with Microsoft s Live Mesh or Apple s MobileMe, allows content to be refreshed across multiple devices. For instance, if you have a spreadsheet on your computer and then upload it to the storage service, the next time you check your PDA, that file will be downloaded onto it.
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Figure 16-3: The typical layout of the T1
All learners experience anxiety at some point during the coaching process and feel particularly worried when they are receiving data-based information that pertains directly to them, whether this is direct feedback from the developer or data collected from other people. When the information is from others and learners perceive the data as negative, they almost always focus their concerns on the accuracy of the data, how the information has been interpreted, or on the rigor of the data collection methodology that is, who contributed to the data and who did not, when the information was collected, and what questions were asked. Moreover, learners also worry about what the developer may be thinking as a result of the data and about his or her subsequent inferences and conclusions. Individuals of the Head Center styles (Fives, Sixes, and Sevens) often have more palpable fear and trepidation about these issues. While it is true that information is always subject to interpretation that is, inferences are made from data, and these may or may not be accurate the Head Center styles are most acutely aware of this. To help address their anxiety, developers can contact Fives, Sixes, and Sevens via phone or e-mail to provide periodic updates about the progress of the data collection process, to share some of the developer s thoughts about what was discussed during coaching, or to ask the learner whether he or she has any questions. This type of short, intermittent contact between coaching meetings provides opportunities for the discussion of additional issues that may be on the learner s mind and for the devel-
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a bandpass filter, each LC pair is a single pole, so a half-section comprises two inductors and two capacitors, or two poles. And, again as with the above filters, only series arms of each half-section are combined with series arms (or parallel arms to parallel arms), for each half-section (Fig. 6.30); and not with series joined to parallel, or parallel joined to series (Fig. 6.31). To design a bandpass filter with image-parameters, first calculate the element values for the first half-section of Fig. 6.32: R0 f1C) 2 and CS 2
Figure 18-1 shows the document in page mode, as it would appear if you printed the report. You can change the view mode to either draft or PDF by selecting the appropriate option from the View pull-down menu. The status bar appears in the bottom right of the document and displays the date the document was last refreshed. If only partial results are retrieved or if there is otherwise an error in running the query, it is displayed on the status bar. To display the status bar, select View | Status bar.
Figure 3.11 IMD generation through an overdriven or nonlinear amplifier.
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