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Figure 7-8 The polysaccharide cellulose is composed of glucose residues. (Courtesy of Biochemistry Demystified.)
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Throughout this chapter we have been using the ThreeD class to demonstrate operator overloading, and in this regard it has served us well. Before concluding this chapter, however, it is useful to work through another example. Although the general principles of operator overloading are the same no matter what class is used, the following example helps show the power of operator overloading especially where type extensibility is concerned. This example develops a four-bit integer type and defines several operations for it. As you might know, in the early days of computing, the four-bit quantity was common because it represented half a byte. It is also large enough to hold one hexadecimal digit. Since four bits are half a byte, a four-bit quantity is sometimes referred to as a nybble. In the days of front-panel machines in which programmers entered code one nybble at a time, thinking in terms of nybbles was an everyday affair! Although not as common now, a four-bit type still makes an interesting addition to the other C# integers. Traditionally, a nybble is an unsigned value. The following example uses the Nybble class to implement a nybble data type. It uses an int for its underlying storage, but it restricts the values that can be held to 0 through 15. It defines the following operators: Addition of a Nybble to a Nybble Addition of an int to a Nybble Addition of a Nybble to an int Greater than and less than The increment operator Conversion to Nybble from int Conversion to int from Nybble These operations are sufficient to show how a class type can be fully integrated into the C# type system. However, for complete Nybble implementation, you will need to define all of the other operators. You might want to try adding these on your own.
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5. O p t i o n a l 1-M R e l a t i o n s h i p R u l e : Each 1-M relationship with 0 for the minimum car dinality on the parent side b e c o m e s a n e w table. The primary key o f the n e w table is the primary key o f the entity type o n the child (many) side o f the relationship. The n e w table contains foreign keys for the primary keys o f both entity types participating in the rela tionship. Both foreign keys in the n e w table do not permit null values. The n e w table also contains the attributes o f the optional 1-M relationship. Rule 5 is controversial. U s i n g Rule 5 in place o f Rule 2 ( 1 - M Relationship Rule) avoids null values in foreign keys. However, the use o f Rule 5 results in more tables. Query formulation can be more difficult with additional tables. In addition, query execution can be slower due to extra joins. The choice o f using Rule 5 in place o f Rule 2 depends on the importance o f avoiding null values versus avoiding extra tables. In many databases, avoid ing extra tables m a y be more important than avoiding null values. HOUKt 6.25 Optional 1-M Relationship with an Attribute Agent
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An ideal voltage source would supply unlimited current, with no drop in voltage. Considering the construction of the battery shown in Figure 3.4 and the messy complications described above, it is obvious that the lead-acid battery is not an ideal source. For current to ow, the SO4 and H ions have to nd their way through the electrolyte. Resistance to this movement is evidenced as an internal electrical resistance, Ri. When we disconnect a battery from an external circuit, no current should flow at least theoretically. However, there is still voltage inside the cell ready and willing to supply current to anything that might bridge the gap between the battery s electrodes. Impurities in the electrolyte, as well as dirt and spilled electrolyte on the surface of the battery, provide such paths. They result in a parallel resistance, Rp, acting to selfdischarge the battery. This is why you should never add anything but distilled or demineralized water to your battery and why it is a good idea to keep its surfaces clean. Figure 3.5 shows the electrical model of the battery consisting of an ideal voltage source with a series internal resistance, Ri, and a parallel self-discharge resistance, Rp. Since chemical reactions always speed up with temperature, both resistances decrease with increasing temperature.
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network (client), or between an 802.1ah backbone network (server) and an 802.1ad provider bridge network (client). In such a loop, the ever-increasing mountain of tags being added, as a frame traverses the loop, eventually causes a discard due to excessive frame length (a crude form of TTL). It appears, at this writing, that this separation of different clouds spanning trees will be incorporated into the provider backbone bridge standard, IEEE 802.1ah. As mentioned previously, a ring topology is the worst topology in terms of the time taken by the current spanning tree algorithms to converge after a failure. A number of vendors have created proprietary solutions. These solutions have in common the ability to reconfigure very quickly after the failure of a link in a ring of bridges and to handle two (or more) rings connected to each other at multiple points. Similarly, they have in common the ability to disrupt the operation of the network completely if the topology of the network is not, in fact, as configured whether that is due to improper configuration or to miswired connections. In practice, many network operators find the faster convergence time well worth the chances for disruption due to misconfiguration or miswiring. These proprietary algorithms vary in their ability to work well with the spanning tree algorithms, which are necessary in mesh networks. Enquiries of potential vendors in this regard are encouraged. IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging, by replacing the distance vector algorithms with link state algorithms, will fix this problem in a general way. Whether SPB will give convergence times as fast as the proprietary ring algorithms remains to be seen.
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Describe the three histologic regions of the cervix 1. Ectocervix: the inferior portion of the cervix that is continuous with the vagina; covered with squamous epithelium 2. Squamocolumnar junction (SCJ): separates two regions of the cervix (often with overlap) 3. Endocervix: the superior portion of the cervix that begins at the external os and continues to the endocervical canal; covered with mucin-secreting columnar epithelium and continues into the cuboidal epithelium of the endometrium It varies between the ectocervix, the cervical canal, and the vaginal fornices. Throughout a woman s life, the SCJ migrates internally toward the endocervix via the metaplasia The 1 3 cm area of squamous metaplasia that separates the endocervix from the ectocervix created from the internal migration of the SCJ. It is the area most susceptible to the development of cervical neoplasia because of the metaplastic changes.
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An 84-year-old man with a history of multiple skin cancers had this lesion on his back. 1. A milky-red area, irregular brown globules, polymorphous vessels, and milia-like cysts characterize this melanoma. 2. Multiple milia-like cysts, pigmented pseudofollicular openings, and hairpin vessels diagnose a seborrheic keratosis. 3. This could be a collision tumor: a seborrheic keratosis and amelanotic melanoma. 4. The bluish-white color is not diagnostic of a melanoma and could be seen in a seborrheic keratosis. 5. Multiple milia-like cysts and multiple pigmented pseudofollicular openings help differentiate a seborrheic keratosis from a melanocytic lesion that can have a few of these criteria.
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