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Fiber-Optic Technology in Cable Systems
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The patient says that this spot has been on his foot since he was a child and has not changed in any way. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Clinically and dermoscopically, this is a high risk lesion. Clinically but not dermoscopically, this is a high risk lesion. This is a banal acral nevus with the lattice-like pattern. This is a banal nevus with the parallel furrow pattern. Fine oblique lines diagnose the benign fibrillar pattern.
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ATM Layer Testing ATM Layer Testing
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As you can see from Figure 14-3, the setup of a multimedia session between two terminals is not a simple process. Whether or not the source is connected to a lower- or higher-level interface on the appliance, you ll need application inspection to securely add the necessary connections to the conn table and to fix embedded addressing information in the signaling connection. If the source is connected to the higher-level interface, application inspection is necessary to dynamically add the H.245 control connection. If the source is connected to a lower-level interface, you ll need an ACL to allow the TCP port 1720 connection and application inspection to deal with the UDP connections.
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heritage permeates these platforms. At the physical layer, ITU-T PON systems use SONET/SDH requirements for timing, scrambling, and so on, which leads to intrinsically higher per-subscriber costs when compared to EPON. For example, the SONET scrambler must be able to tolerate up to 71 consecutive, identical digits, which presents a more difficult clock and data recovery (CDR) problem than that found in EPON, which uses 8B/10B. To deal with the jitter accumulation problems and tighter jitter transfer function requirements of GPON, large analog filters with low-time constants are needed, the system must deal with baseline wander due to an unbalanced line code, and more expensive DC-coupled optical receivers are needed. Additionally, the shorter upstream burst overhead of GPON requires faster CDR and gain adjustment than does EPON, which translates into a more expensive OLT receiver, while the ONUs must include much faster lasers with significantly decreased laseron/laseroff periods (approximately 50 times shorter than the ones adopted for EPON grade ONU equipment). Lastly, the requirement for adjustable ONU laser power levels increases the relative cost and complexity of the GPON ONU. At the protocol layer, GPON uses fixed framing, and packets are fragmented at frame boundaries; hence, bidirectional SAR functions are needed for every flow. This adds considerable complexity and cost (in the form of buffering) to the system, especially at the OLT, which may need to support as many as 4000 flows simultaneously. In short, any business case that selects GPON must be able to tolerate significantly higher equipment prices than would be needed for an EPON deployment.
public static double Cos(double v) public static double Cosh(double v) public static int DivRem(int x, int y, out int rem) public static long DivRem(long x, long y, out long rem) public static double Exp(double v) public static decimal Floor(decimal v)
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Figure 5-21 Open-system interconnect 7-layer model
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