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AC Standards and Practices
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TABLE 3-2 Character Escape Sequences
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Figure 3-15 The macro lens setting lets you get intimately close to your subject.
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The frequency spectrum of random binary data (extending to dc) is not ideally suited for simple transmission through any of the common media employed today. For example, with metallic or optical cables, a signal that does not invert equally above and below the 0-V line results in a dc component that degrades the performance of the link. Requirements vary by media. Metallic or optical encoding must result in no dc or low-frequency components. Radio encoding must stay within tight bandwidth restrictions. Many media codes have been designed to address these requirements. The choice of solution is left to the system designer.
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Spectral Loss The intrinsic attenuation of optical fibers constitutes a large fraction of the total loss of many optical networks. Optical power decays exponentially along a fiber, allowing the attenuation caused by the fiber to be specified in units of dB/km. The attenuation of many modern fibers is limited by Rayleigh scattering, leading to higher attenuation at shorter wavelengths, as shown in Figure 28.4. Rayleigh scattering is proportional to 1/ 4, and is caused by transmission through particles much smaller than the optical wavelength, such as the silica molecules in the fiber core. Consequently, a more general characterization of loss includes the variation of loss as a function of wavelength, or spectral loss. Two approaches to this measurement are practiced, with either a broadband or a tunable source.
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The following Modular Policy Framework (MPF) features are unsupported for clientless and thin client connections: application inspection, QoS and traffic policing, and connection limits; however, tunnel mode connections are supported.
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ciscoasa# show ipv6 access-list [ACL_ID [src_IPv6_prefix/prefix_length | any | host src_IPv6_addr]]
3.45 Satellite Television Scrambling
Presentation Server Client Server Certificate Root Certificate
poor temperature stability that it varies its resistance dramatically over temperature. Carbon composite resistors are recommended because of their small resistance variation over wide temperature extremes. If the RBIAS does not add up to 500 ohms or more, then the gain of the MMIC stage will suffer. This is because all power supplies are virtually a short circuit to RF, and RBIAS decreases this gain shorting effect on the output of the MMIC by being at a high value. However, if RBIAS does not compute to be at or over 500 ohms (and it rarely is), then an RFC should be added to increase the output to this value, or RBIAS XL 500 ohms. RBIAS, since it drops the excess voltage from VCC, also smoothes out any voltage fluctuations to the MMIC which would cause an unstable bias point by acting almost as a constant current source. In addition, the added RFC blocks most of the RF from entering the bias VCC line by behaving as a high impedance to the RF, while the two CB s bypass any extraneous RF to ground. The manufacturer s approved DC bias current for the MMIC should be followed closely because of problems with decreased gain and improper matching at lower Id levels, and device damage at higher Id levels: Id VCC Vd RBIAS
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