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There has been a fair amount of press about TCP/IP, the networking protocol that the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) rely on, not working properly over satellite. The claims are that the TCP/IP reference implementation s 4K buffer size limits channel capacity and data throughput to only 64kbps. The argument is then used that the maximum buffer of 64K limits maximum throughput to 1Gbps. Therefore, the argument continues that GEO Ka-band satellite services are unsuitable for high-bandwidth applications, as the increased latency of a GEO connection decreases the available bandwidth. TCP buffers are dimensioned as: bandwidth * delay = buffer size With a limited buffer size, a longer end-to-end delay decreases the space available to hold spare copies of unacknowledged data for retransmission. This limits the throughput on a lossless TCP connection. However, this argument ignores the work done on larger buffer sizes for TCP in RFC1323, the large windows effort. Work to expand TCP beyond its original, 16-bit buffer space has been going on for several years. Moreover, the effort and result of large windows is supported by several versions of UNIX. The TCP buffer limit isn t as bad as it is made out to be. TCP copes with GEO delays quite nicely today. Individual, highbandwidth GEO TCP links are possible with the right equipment and software. Military applications have been using TCP/IP in many GEO-based networks for years. GEO links are suitable for seamless intermediate connections in a TCP circuit. There is nothing denying the use of many small TCP connections over a broadband link; GEO, fiber, and most broadband Internet connections contain a vast number of separate small pipes. The real issue with GEO vs. LEO is the acceptability of the physical delay for twoway, real-time applications such as telephony or videoconferencing. Even then, the physical delay of GEO is balanced somewhat by the increased switching times through a packet-based LEO network. Having multiple, narrow TCP pipes across satellites works well. Wide pipes with large buffer sizes can suffer from the higher Bit Error Rate (BER) of satellites. For TCP, implementing Selective Acknowledgements (RFC2018) and fast recovery (RFC2001) also improves performance in the face of errors. There is much work in progress with the IP over Satellite and the TCP over Satellite working groups. IP-over-satellite s primary advantage is that it can deliver large amounts of bandwidth to underdeveloped areas where fiber does not exist. IP-over-satellite is also subject to a number of adverse conditions that can significantly impact the effective throughput rates and network efficiency. Bit Error Rates, congestion, queue management, Window size,
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brane at one or more locations, changing the shape of the cell and causing the cell to crawl along.
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Writing down your innermost thoughts of appreciation in a journal can be a valuable tool for inner exploration as you move toward True North. Journaling your gratitude can greatly enhance the quality of your life and, in turn, your potential. When you examine your gratitude in words, it changes who you are and what you know to be important in life. Journaling your thankfulness becomes a daily reminder of the abundance you have in your life, and that abundance often becomes the most motivating and inspiring part of your day. First, find a quiet spot where you can record your feelings of thankfulness. Then ask yourself: What things in my life do I have to be grateful for that I may be overlooking or taking for granted
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Certain cells grow by splitting; one cell begets two and each of these begets two (more) with each cycle taking 3 hours. A simple model for the growth in the number of cells is N = N o Zt'3, where No is the number of cells a t = 0 and t is the time in hours. t If 1000 cells are left to grow over 60 hours, how many cells are there a the end of the 60 hours t
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sacrificing quality when the image is later uncompressed. ZIP and GIF files use lossless
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#include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int t; for(t=0; t<100; t++) { printf("%d ", t); if(t == 10) break; } return 0; }
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Figure 3.8 Coordination image of Ritz Carlton project in NavisWorks. Note the transparency of all architecture and structure for visibility of the MEP systems. (Image courtesy of Q&D Construction and Swinerton Builders.) See also color insert.
Frame Relay Defined
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high wages. Case studies have shown that early subcontractor involvement in design allows the construction knowledge to be included in the design process.4 With VDC tools, this knowledge can be captured in a virtual 3D model. With all that being said, experience has proved that using VDC tools in a collaborative coordination effort up front allows a team to gain greater value during construction. The Camino MOB project reported an ROI of 2 to 3 times the original investment in VDC within 6 to 9 months. Savings accrued through greater prefabrication, elimination of conflicts among the various systems, reduction in change orders, and an increase in productivity of installation without crews struggling with other trades for the same space to install their components. The ROI is therefore accrued from the time design is completed to the time all rough-in activities for the MEP/FP systems are completed. The owner, as the stakeholder with the money and final risk as well as the expectation of gaining the greatest value, must be willing to make the initial investment. As the investor, the owner should make sure that the construction contracts allow for the recapture of the cost of work savings to provide ROI. For example, the contracts for all the MEP/FP subcontractors were guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contracts on one of the projects. The team used VDC tools to eliminate the risk of missed coordination and was able to achieve higher productivity. Subcontractors also were able to return the savings to the owner s incentive sharing plan. On projects using VDC in a collaborative effort, the owner should gain the benefit of anticipated higher productivity when the project GMP is set. On the health care project for Sutter Health, the approach of GMP with shared savings and an incentive plan worked; however, there are other approaches, such as partnering and self-assembled teams, that could also work just as effectively. Role of the General Contractor and Specialty Contractors in the Coordination Process The use of VDC tools requires the team to evaluate what role each member should play in the project delivery process. Each party brings a unique skill set to the table, and the use of VDC tools maximizes the benefits. The following are the roles that each party can play in the coordination process. General Contractor The GC enables the VDC process by acting as facilitator rather than author of the drawings. The GC enables and coordinates the handoff of information from the architects and engineers (A/Es) to the subcontractors as well as the modeling and coordination work itself. The GC s role in initial modeling and coordination is much the same as that on the project as a whole: to develop a workable detailing schedule together with the A/Es and subcontractors to support the construction schedule. Once the schedule is established, the GC s project engineer assigned to MEP coordination works together with the detailers to achieve signoff milestones using the Last Planner System.1
The security appliances, both PIXs and ASAs, are unusual compared with many of Cisco s other products: they use a license scheme to lock down the features that can be used by the product. More and more of Cisco s products are moving in this direction. A license key, which is partly based on the serial number of the appliance, is used to unlock features of the operating system. Since the serial number of the appliance is used for the license key, you cannot take a key from one appliance and use it on a different appliance. License keys can be used to unlock the following features on some of the appliances: Number of connections allowed in the state table Number of interfaces that can be used Amount of RAM that can be used Encryption algorithms that can be used: DES, 3DES, and/or AES
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In many organizations, the disparate nature of distributed processing has led to control of IT budgets by different departments or divisions. Creating a centralized application delivery infrastructure is a costly endeavor that affects users throughout the organization. The feasibility committee needs to determine whether the organization will be able to marshal the resources to implement such an encompassing project.
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