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Caching of data is another area where A/V drives differ. The most common types of computer hard disk activities involve frequent small transfers of data, and the disk cache is tailored to these kinds of operations. In comparison, disk caches on A/V drives are optimized for large, continuous transfers of data, such as take place when a video stream is being dig-
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name that also reflects the business goals and data sources The benefit of including the vendor-provided name is that you can leverage some of the vendor s marketing efforts. The downside is if the vendor changes product names, it can cause confusion. If you are suffering from a stalled implementation or if there were negative impressions early in the implementation, change the name! When you develop your own BI product name, be sure to consider the acronym created. If it is a global deployment, take into account the cultural impact of acronyms. Following are some clever product names: WISDOM Web Intelligence Supporting Decisions, from Owens & Minor. WISDOM Gold is an enhanced extranet version. OASIS Online Analysis Sales Information System Risk Intelligence Used by Zurich North America for insurance claims and losses Inventory Workbench Used by Lands End for inventory information delivered via Application Foundation Honeycomb Used by Burt s Bees to brand information accessed via BusinessObjects XI. A tag line displayed in InfoView, A Bee s Eye View , also conveys the message that this information helps the worker bees in the company. Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BICE) Used by Cingular Wireless, which has also developed a catchy logo and slogan, Don t leave your BI decisions to chance.
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Universes are small and focused, with access to global data. Business definitions are consistent. Self-serve access is available. Queries are slow. New terminology from a recent ERP implementation is confusing
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Mixer Design
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Related Function
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We conclude this section by doing another de nite integral, but we use a slightly different approach from that in Example 7.3.
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Motion detectors are a major component of any security system, but they are especially important in Smart Homes. There are many different types of motion sensors that you can use, but the following steps are indicative of general motion detector installation. This particular motion detector is being placed in the garage.
// Format time and date information. using System; class CustomTimeAndDateFormatsDemo { static void Main() { DateTime dt = DateTime.Now; Console.WriteLine("Time is {0:hh:mm tt}", dt); Console.WriteLine("24 hour time is {0:HH:mm}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Date is {0:ddd MMM dd, yyyy}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Era: {0:gg}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Time with seconds: " + "{0:HH:mm:ss tt}", dt);
Digital Technology and Cable System Applications
AC Standar ds and Practices
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Domain error Result is a singularity Overflow error Underflow error Total loss of significant digits
The Popularity of SIP
y = f (x)
10. Enter the router command used to view which routing protocols are active on your router, as well as their characteristics and configuration: __________.
Although the preceding code used a named method as the delegate that represented the body of the loop, sometimes it is more convenient to use an anonymous method. For example, here the body of the ForEach( ) loop is implemented as a lambda expression:
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