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PTE (Page Table Entries) Limited User Profile
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Then dx/dy = 9 y1/2 . Now, reversing the roles of x and y in ( ) , we find 8 that the requested length is
FIGURE 22-13
most protocols are state-dependent. It therefore is essential that all traffic on the network is captured regardless of the level of utilization, or whether the frames are errored or damaged. Data logging. Many network troubleshooting sessions can be spread over hours and days. The capture buffer on a typical protocol analyzer is filled in seconds on a high-speed network. Data logging capabilities therefore are crucial for setting up long troubleshooting sessions. The user can specify a filename and a time interval for recording critical information. This information is then regularly written out to disk and can be examined later. Information that is typically stored to disk includes frames matching a user-specified filter, statistics results, or the results of a programmed test. Searching. Once data is captured in the capture buffer, it can be repeatedly examined for problems or events of significance. Search criteria, like filter criteria, are based on address, error, protocol, and bit patterns. Marking. Once a specific frame has been located in the capture buffer, it can be marked for future reference. The marked frame can be returned to with a go to. Timing and counting measurements also can be performed on the marked portions of the capture buffer.
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