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The DayNumberOfWeek function takes a date input_parameter and returns the number of the day in the week (1 7) of a date. Monday=1, Tuesday=2, Wednesday=3, Thursday=4, Friday=5, Saturday=6, Sunday=7
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Substance may be poisonous if touched, inhaled, or swallowed Open flame may ignite flammable chemicals, loose clothing, or hair
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It is both permissible and common for classes that implement interfaces to define additional members of their own. For example, the following version of ByTwos adds the method GetPrevious( ), which returns the previous value:
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var posNums = from n in nums where n > 0 select n;
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If you visit a lot of publishers web sites, you ll have seen sign-up pages for external beta testers. External beta testing takes two forms: open, meaning that anyone is allowed to download and play the game; and closed, meaning that the company chooses a specific group of people from a pool of applicants. Open beta testing allows the company to try the game on a wide range of hardware configurations, but since they don t have any control over who signs up, the quality of the bug reports tends to be rather uneven. With closed beta testing, the company hopes to find people who are serious and dedicated to helping them make a better game. Beta testing is a great way to get to know someone inside a game company: the testing manager. Try to get accepted for closed betas if you can: instead of being one name out of hundreds participating, you ll be one name out of 40 or 50. One of the advantages of beta testing is that you don t have to live near the company to do it. Here s what you need to be a beta tester: A good PC Unless they re making products for children, most publishers design their games for a fairly high-end PC. If your graphics hardware is more than two years old, or your CPU runs at less than half the speed of the current top-of-the-line product, it s probably too slow to run the latest games. A decent Internet connection A 56K modem is the absolute minimum; a cable modem or ADSL connection is much preferable. Many beta tests require that you download huge files, 100MB and more. If you re testing an online game, you may also be at a significant gameplay disadvantage with a slower connection. Time In order to be of real use as a beta tester, you have to be willing to devote some time to it several hours a week. For online testing, you may
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3. Answer OK to the query dialog that appears to confirm this action. Possibly you re
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Console and AUX ports
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The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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This single-table design is not as extreme as it may seem. Users without proper database training often design a database using a single table.
There s an old adage than managing programmers is like herding cats: they re wayward, individualistic, and unpredictable. The field of software engineering is only about 50 years old, so we aren t yet sure how it s really supposed to be done. (Civil engineering, by comparison, is almost 5000 years old, which dates back to the Pyramids.) Game development is even worse, because in the game industry we have to build lots of stuff besides program code: still images, 3-D models and animations, music, sound effects, user interface elements, and so on. Each of these things requires a different procedure to make, so they all take different amounts of time to complete. It used to be that project managers flew by the seat of their pants, making up schedules and deadlines out of thin air and based on hunches. That kind of approach doesn t work any more. The projects are too big and too complicated to manage by instinct alone, and now we need formal methods. Many smart people have written many large books on the subject. If you re particularly interested, you might read Game Architecture and Design, by Andrew Rollings and Dave Morris (now out of print, but there should be plenty of used copies available; a new edition is in the works), and Rapid Development, by Steve McConnell. However, as a newcomer, you really don t have to worry about it now. You re not going to be hired in as a full producer or project manager. If your employers know their business, they will have thought carefully about how they want to run the project, and as it enters full production, they ll be putting their plan into practice. Your job will simply be to do your own work.
public char Pop() { if(tos==0) { Console.WriteLine(" -- Stack is empty."); return (char) 0; } tos--; return stck[tos]; } // Return true if the stack is full. public bool IsFull() { return tos==stck.Length; } // Return true if the stack is empty. public bool IsEmpty() { return tos==0; } // Return total capacity of the stack. public int Capacity() { return stck.Length; } // Return number of objects currently on the stack. public int GetNum() { return tos; } }
Expansion Through Wings and Arrows ONE WING Learn to discern. Because you place such a high value on people s feelings and their reactions, you likely feel anxious when you need to take action that may affect others adversely. When you struggle to make a tough decision, one that you know is correct but may negatively affect someone you care about, ask yourself: For the greater good of the organization and our work, what is the best thing to do Seek respect. Although you want to be liked, being respected is equally important; in fact, the respect you need most is respect from yourself for who you are, regardless of the perceptions of other people. The questions to ask are these: Do I really respect myself What must I do to gain the self-respect that is entirely independent of what others think of me
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The telecommunications systems include the variations of the local loop and the changes taking place within that first (or last) mile. As the migration moves away from the local copper-based cable plant (a slow evolution for sure), the movement will be to other forms of communications subsystems to include the use of
aspect of this type of information can be programmed into the specific wall object so that it accurately represents what the project requires. Since this information will be contained in each of the model components (or objects), it can also be retrieved and used, and thus constitutes a smart model. Solid modeling with parametric components is also called object-based modeling. Some companies in the construction material industry are producing virtual 3D components of their product lines, and these virtual components can then be used in a smart model and carry all the manufacturers embedded information within them, e.g., a window manufacturer can produce a virtual catalog containing the product line in 3D object model format, ready for use in a project model. In all cases the file format of the objects needs to be taken into account when planning to use such objects in a specific Building Information Model (see Interoperability). Each of the images in Fig. 2.5 shows the settings for the wall tool; the image on the left is set for feet and inches, while the dialog box on the right shows the metric settings for the wall dimensions. Each of the dialog boxes shows some of the pull-down tabs where the parametric information can be selected; on the left the Floor plan and section menu dictates the graphic characteristics of the plan and sections views of the wall in those views of the model, and the Model menu settings determine the look of the materials in the 3D views of the model. Most modeling tools will have similar functionalities. The Estimating tab in the right-hand image shows various Recipes to which the wall entity can be linked to represent itself accurately in a cost estimate of the project. The creation of a composite model provides another dimension to model intelligence. Various models of different components of a project can be collected into a composite model that will have the combined information from all the submodels embedded in it. One advantage of a composite model is that different project team members can work on various parts of a project independently and combine their work at specific times to analyze the combined results. The architectural, structural, and MEP models will often be produced by the design consultants or specialty subcontractors who are responsible for their own specific portions of the work, and thus can also be combined into a composite model showing the total of the project for visualization, coordination, and other purposes. The concrete work in Fig. 2.6 was modeled in Vico s Constructor, the structural steel in Tekla, the utilities in AutoCAD-CadPipe, and the truncated zones of influence for the footing loads in SketchUp. The composite was coordinated (analyzed) and rendered in NavisWorks. The image shows the concrete footings and grade beams with some of the structural steel on top. Below the concrete footings are the truncated pyramids that represent the ground volume that is affected by the footing load and cannot have any utilities located within its volume. The layout of the underground utilities can now be coordinated in this model so that it will meet all the necessary design criteria. Model Sources The best possible source for a building model is the in-house staff, someone on the project team who is inside the circle of project influence. The understanding that is gained from the development of the model will benefit, and remain part of, the project team s resources. The modeling experience itself, and the understanding of the project that is thus developed, is in fact one of the main advantages of the BIM
Even though the reference is included in C++ primarily for supporting call-by-reference parameter passing and for use as a function return type, it is possible to declare a standalone reference variable. This is called an independent reference. It must be stated at the outset, however, that independent reference variables are seldom used, because they tend to confuse and destructure your program. With these reservations in mind, we will take a short look at them here. NESEA is a nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to promoting responsible energy use for a healthy economy and a healthy environment. NESEA promotes electricdrive vehicles (EDs, HEDs, fuel cell EDs) and renewably produced fuels through its annual road rally, the NESEA American Tour de Sol; the U.S. electric vehicle championship; conferences for professionals; and K 12 education that uses sustainable transportation as a theme. NESEA maintains a web site with a listing of electric cars, buses, and bikes; K-12 educational resources; information on building and energy programs; and a quarterly magazine.
4 / 2 is 2 Can't divide by Zero! 16 / 4 is 4 32 / 4 is 8 Can't divide by Zero! 128 / 8 is 16
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