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Weapons Systems for Your Robot
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A recovery point objective (RPO) is the period for which recent data will be irretrievably lost in a disaster. Like RTO, RPO is usually measured in hours or days. However, for critical transaction systems, RPO could even be measured in minutes. RPO is usually expressed as a worst-case figure; for instance, the transaction processing system RPO will be two hours or less. The value of a system s RPO is a direct result of the frequency of backup or replication. For example, if an application server is backed up once per day, the RPO is going to be 24 hours (or one day, whichever way you like to express it). Maybe it will take three days to rebuild the server, but once data is restored from backup tape, no more than the last 24 hours of transactions are lost. In this case, the RTO is three days and the RPO is one day.
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Troubleshooting the Other Access Suite Products
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Input, Output, Streams, and Files
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Figure 1-1 Multipath reception
FQDN of Web Interface Load Balancer
The Maintain Aspect Ratio option is checked by default; you probably don t want the bitmap Background to look smooshed or stretched with Maintain Aspect Ratio turned on, all you need to do is enter one value in either the H or V field, and CorelDRAW automatically fills in the remaining field. Note that bitmaps are resolution dependent, unlike vector drawings. Thus, you can usually scale a bitmap down, but don t try to enlarge it because the bitmap will go through something called resampling, and blurriness is often the result. Scale down = yes; scale up = no.
LAB 13.1
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