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Figure 27-5. Packet Tracer tool
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Fig. 6-1 The representation of a capacitor as a circuit element.
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signals. Quadrature modulators have only recently become popular, after they were integrated onto a single low-cost chip. These devices solve the problem of imparting complex amplitude/phase information onto an RF or IF carrier. Any part of a signal s parameters can be modified by the quadrature modulator phase, frequency, and/or amplitude thus can add information to an unmodulated carrier. Simply employing a single mixer for this role would be unacceptable, since only one parameter (such as phase for a BPSK signal) could be modified at a time, making an efficient digital modulation scheme infeasible. Figure 2.36 shows a quadrature modular for digital signals that is capable of varying two of the three modulation parameters; typically, phase and/or amplitude are chosen to generate BPSK, QPSK, or QAM. Many quadrature modulators are also proficient at generating AM, FM, CDMA, and SSB. The I/Q modulator shown will accept data at its I/Q inputs, modulate it, and then upconvert the baseband to hundreds of megahertz. There are some specialized I/Q modulators that are actually capable of functioning into the gigahertz range. Many will also be fed by DACs into their I/Q inputs (Fig. 2.37). The digital data is placed at the input to the DAC, which outputs in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) baseband signals into the I/Q modulator inputs. The I modulating signal enters the I input, where it is mixed with the LO, which converts it to RF or IF. The Q modulating signal enters the Q input, where it is mixed with the 90 degree phase shifted LO signal, which converts it to RF or IF. Both of these signals are then linearly added in the combiner, with each mixer outputting a two-phase state BPSK, which (depending on the bits entering the modulator) will be in any one of four phase states. This combining of the two BPSK signals produces QPSK, which is shown in the time domain in Fig. 2.38. Since each mixer s output is 90 degree phase shifted from the other, the algebraic summing of the combiner creates a single phase out of four possible phase states. In other words, the incoming baseband signals to be modulated are mixed with orthogonal carriers (90 degrees), and thus will not interfere with each other. And when the I and Q signals are summed in the combiner, they become a complex signal, with both signals independent and distinct from each other. This complex signal is later effortlessly separated at the receiver into its individual I and Q components all without the amplitude and phase constituents causing cointerference. Now, the quadrature demodulator will take the incoming RF or IF signal, demodulate it, and then down-convert the signal s I/Q outputs into baseband for further processing by digital logic circuits. An I/Q demodulator (Fig. 2.39) performs the reverse of operation of the I/Q modulator above. It accepts the amplified and filtered RF or IF modulated signal in this case QPSK from the receiver s front end or IF section. The demodulator then recovers the signal s carrier (which can be employed as the LO to maintain the original phase information from the transmitter), splits it, and inserts it in phase into mixer 1 and out of phase into mixer 2. A baseband signal in I/Q format is then output at IOUT and QOUT of the demodulator for processing.
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Describe the signs and symptoms of urethritis Dysuria, but with a more gradual onset and milder symptoms than with acute cystitis. Hematuria is rare and points to cystitis more than urethritis. Urethritis is often associated with abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding (because of related cervicitis). A mucopurulent discharge from the urethral os is usually found on examination History of an STD; new sexual partner in past weeks; partner with urethral symptoms Pyuria on urinalysis and mucopurulent cervicitis or herpetic lesions are usually found. A positive GC, Chlamydia, or herpes test result can confirm the diagnosis Most common: Chlamydia trachomatis (5 20%) Neisseria gonorrhea (<10%) Genital herpes Others: Candida, Trichomonas What is irritant urethritis Dysuria that occurs as a reaction to an irritant such as a condom, tampon, or any other product inserted into the vagina
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// Indexers don't have to operate on actual arrays. using System; class PwrOfTwo { /* Access a logical array that contains the powers of 2 from 0 to 15. */ public int this[int index] { // Compute and return power of 2. get { if((index >= 0) && (index < 16)) return pwr(index); else return -1; } // There is no set accessor. } int pwr(int p) { int result = 1; for(int i=0; i < p; i++) result *= 2; return result; } }
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White is used to connect the heat terminals on the control unit
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For complete uniform fill color control, use the Interactive Fill Tool and Property Bar options, shown next. They provide access to all palette collections and include numeric entry boxes and spinner controls for setting values for each. It would be flying blind and
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Evaluate the integral sin x 1 + cos2 x dx.
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Pay special attention to the select clause:
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Audio/video recording scripts Every word that is spoken in a game must be recorded in a sound studio, which means there has to be a script. Game scripts are not like film or radio scripts, however. They often have six or seven different lines of dialog to cover the same situation, so the player won t get sick of hearing the same phrase over and over. As a writer, it s up to you to create all those variants. In addition, game dialog is often cut up into pieces, and the pieces played back in a different order when the game is played. This allows the game to mix and match different bits of dialog to correspond to the situation in the game. It takes a fair amount of skill to write this kind of dialog in such a way that it always makes sense no matter what order it is played in. Text that appears in the game Although all-text games are long gone, there s still a surprising amount of text in games. You find it in mission or level briefings, journals, background information, introductory narrative, and other areas. Manuals Game manuals have gotten smaller and smaller over the years, as game genres have begun to evolve somewhat standardized user interfaces. It s no longer necessary to explain every menu in detail, because the players already know what to expect. Games still need manuals, however especially highly technical games like flight simulators. Ad copy Marketing departments need writers to create ad copy, box copy, and other promotional material to help sell the games.
Learning Obj ectives Overview 15.1 515 516 518 515
Figure 25.11 Transient measurements.
Carrier Ethernet: The Enablers
class Test<T> where T : MyStrMethods {
select Math.Sqrt(n);
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