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Page Sorter enables you to manage your document pages interactively while viewing all page properties.
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Local Clouds and Thin Clients
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6.1.2 Types of lumped filters
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To simplify content creation for novice authors, RoboHelp includes an abundance of wizards to direct someone through the proper steps to carry out a task. For example, the indexing wizard, shown in Figure 10 - 4, guides someone through an automated process of generating a full index for a project based on keywords, selected terms, or other factors. RoboHelp also includes tools for image manipulation, such as image resizing and bit-depth rede nition. Hotspot creation tools let an image be modi ed to include regions that can be hyperlinked to speci c topics or to pages on the Web. RoboHelp also features a graphics locator utility that can search your local and network drives and display previews of any available graphic images.
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The best writing is reader focused. You ll recall that the Empathy Index asks you to count references to your target readers and yourself or your organization by name, pronoun, shared interest, or implication. After rewriting your rst draft to ensure a positive Empathy Index, you ll also want to con rm that your rst several words, the lead, highlight a bene t and feature vocabulary likely to capture your readers interest and attention. EXERCISE 32: Calculate Your Empathy Index and Revise to Increase Reader Focus Calculate your rst draft s Empathy Index, revise to improve it, and focus on your lead. Do the same with Brad s rst draft. Brad used italics to indicate references to his readers and underlining to indicate references to himself. See if your calculation of Brad s Empathy Index agrees with his.
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Location-based entertainment (LBE) is a catchall term for computerized entertainment that the customer goes to, rather than purchasing and taking home. Taken broadly, location-based entertainment could include arcades, but the term is really used to mean something larger and more specialized. One kind of LBE is the BattleTech Centers. These are storefront operations that players come to, usually in small groups. The BattleTech Center consists of a number of enclosed capsules that simulate the driver s seat of a kind of tank; the players machines are all networked together, and they can play cooperatively or competitively as they choose. Another kind of LBE is a theme park attraction with a large computerized component. This kind of equipment is highly specialized, often unique, and extremely expensive. Frequently, it has been commissioned for a specific location. A good example is the ride at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, which involves sitting in a bank of seats mounted on hydraulic pistons while watching a movie. The sudden swoops and jerks of the seats are timed to accompany the events taking place in the movie. The customer for the LBE experience is, of course, the end user, but the customer for the equipment itself is the company that is running the attraction. What they want to deliver is a highly intense experience in a short amount of time that they can move a lot of people through essentially, an electronic roller coaster. The owner of an LBE has to balance a number of factors. The experience can t be too short, or the player won t feel he s gotten his money s worth; it can t be too long, or the line will move too slowly and the people waiting will get frustrated. It has to cost a lot because the initial investment and maintenance costs are so high, but not so much that people don t come. And, of course, it has to be in a convenient location. In my experience, most LBEs are extremely action-packed, fast-paced experiences. This appeals to the kids who are their primary customers, but it has a secondary, pragmatic value. If you re going to offer an entertainment that lasts, say, ten minutes at the most, it needs to be packed with thrills every second of the way. It should be almost exhausting so intense that you wouldn t even want to be in it any longer than that. That way the customer leaves feeling certain he s gotten his money s worth.
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SpeedScreen Image Acceleration
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Figure 6-10. EdgeSight alert setup
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C AUTION Check All only verifies that the universe object exists in the repository; it does not verify
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m. What
Recall from 6 that one way of acquiring IP addressing information on a device is to use DHCP. Let s assume PC-A hasn t acquired its IP addressing information yet and will be using DHCP. As soon as PC-A s NIC becomes operational and the TCP/IP stack has been loaded, PC-A will go through the eight-step DHCP process: 1. PC-A creates an Ethernet frame with an encapsulated DHCP Discover packet. The source MAC address in the frame is PC-A s 0000.1111.AAAA, and the destination is a broadcast of FFFF.FFFF.FFFF. 2. When Switch-A receives the frame, it performs its learning process, adding 0000.1111.AAAA and port 1 to the CAM table. Since it is a broadcast, the switch floods the frame out ports 2 and 3. 3. Off port 3, when the router receives the frame, it processes it at layer 2, since the destination MAC address is a broadcast; but then it drops the frame at layer 3, since it isn t a DHCP server. 4. Off port 2, when the DHCP server receives the frame, it processes it at layer 2, since it is a local broadcast, and forwards it up to layer 3. 5. Assuming the DHCP server has a free address in its pool, the DHCP server responds with a DHCP OFFER message with IP addressing information: IP address of, DNS server address of, and a default gateway of This is encapsulated in an Ethernet frame with a source MAC address of the server s 0000.1111.CCCC and a destination MAC address of PC-A, 0000.1111.AAAA. 6. When Switch-A receives the OFFER message, it does its learning function, adding 0000.1111.CCCC and port 2 to the CAM table. It then does its forwarding function, comparing the destination MAC address of 0000.1111 .AAAA to the CAM table and sees that this is associated with port 1; so the switch forwards the frame out that port.
There is no one commercial solution that provides the entire gamut of Carrier Ethernet capabilities today, at least economically; realistically though, there is still not an immediate need for all these features in any substantial measure, and consequently, the numerous (partial) solutions for Carrier Ethernet that have emerged are perfectly acceptable. In fact, multiple commercial solutions exist because the different legacy (pre-Carrier Ethernet) solutions, be it SONET or TDM or Copper, have also been augmented with features to address the customer requirements for Carrier Ethernet (although perhaps not optimally), and are eminently viable from an economic standpoint. (Part II, s 5 through 15, describe most of the solutions in use today.)
A Better Universe
Part I:
Secondary ring
Look for high CPU and/or port utilization as a symptom of a broadcast storm. Use a protocol analyzer and look for multiple frame copies to determine
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