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In situations where multiple farms in each site are required for redundancy, the Presentation Server configuration is straightforward. Create a single server farm at each of the sites following Citrix s best practices for farm creation. To ease failover, each of these farms can be configured identically, including applications, application users, and all other resources required by the server farm. Connections are routed to each farm by using a separate Web Interface server for each farm. Any of the Web Interface redundancy solutions can be used to split users between the two farms. Follow the Web Interface redundancy recommendations in case of a failure where all users need to be routed from one site to the other. This type of setup can be run as either active-active or active-passive. The main difference between the two is this: the active-passive setup has all Web Interface servers pointing to a single site until a failure occurs.
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Oscillator Design
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Gridlines The starting screen in Excel has faint lines marking the rows and columns. These gridlines make it easy to locate items on the screen, but you might want to make them disappear for a cleaner and cooler look. It is still quite easy to find the row and column address on the screen because Excel turns the row and column coordinates of the current active cell (at the left and the top of the screen) into bold type. And, of course, the cursor still goes from cell to cell, whether the gridlines are there or not. To make the gridlines disappear, do the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. Click on Tools. Click on Options. Select the View tab. Uncheck the Gridlines check box.
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1.1.4 Inductors
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RPR is not normally applied as a service or technology by itself. RPR s primary role comes into play at the first point where customers are aggregated at central facilities owned by the service provider. It makes the access from business and consumers more robust and ensures that subscribers SLAs are enforced and maintained. Aggregation could occur at a DSLAM for DSL subscribers, a CMTS for cable subscribers, an ADM for SONET/SDH access, PON for new fiber builds or a L2/L3 Ethernet switch for Ethernet access. Any of these technologies can be aggregated onto an RPR ring. In addition many private Enterprise networks are built on RPR rings using the technologies mentioned above, however, the facilities are wholly owned by the Enterprise rather than by the service provider. As such they are dedicated to a single company and not shared among many customers. Terminating these access technologies into an RPR network provides a number of benefits for the customer of TDM and data services. These are discussed next.
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