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Using this variety of reader references adds liveliness and reader interest to the memo. Mary Jo signaled a strong connection with her volunteers by referring to them in so many different ways. Mary Jo said, I was very conscious of the Empathy Index as I created the rst draft. Being aware of it saved me a lot of time. I found that I d pause between sentences and consider how I could integrate one or more of the four options for referring to my readers. At the time, I thought these pauses would add up to extra time in writing. But no it actually saved me time. When I write, typically I know what I want to say. What was new to me in the writing process was to pause and think for a moment about how I wanted to say it. The idea of adding a reference to my readers in every sentence, if I could, was new to me. Soon it became second nature, and I discovered that my first drafts were so much better than they used to be that it took me less time to revise them which means the memo writing process became quicker once I got used to the system. By writing better, more focused rst drafts, I ve reduced the time it takes me to write a decent communication by about a third. EXERCISE 8: Rewrite to Improve the Empathy Index In the E-mail below from Paula, a manager, to Jim, an engineer, calculate the Empathy Index. Then, using the techniques discussed above, rewrite it to increase the Empathy Index.
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Model Number F1 Reverse F1 Power F1 Pro Blast MC230CR MC330CR SP 520+ Reactor Rooster Super Rooster Rebel XL-1 Hobby Electronic Speed Controllers I
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Ethernet client Circuitbonded system Leased network circuits SONET SONET network NE
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Destination SAP number Source SAP number Control field OUI ID Type Data
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tion de + definite article: Hace lo m s trabajo posible de todos los profesores. (He does the most possible work of all the teachers.)
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Failover Requirements
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One is obligated to examine most of the pigmented skin lesions in a patient with so many lesions. A good plan with such a difficult case is to have the patient return another day for a re-examination. Final conclusions should not be made hastily. This patient would benefit from total body photography. This patient would benefit from mapping out her nevi dermoscopically for sequential monitoring to look for significant changes over time.
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10. Choose Edit | Fill Selection to open the Fill Layer
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Hand investigation with a chipping hammer. Testing concrete cores. Drilling into unsound concrete to determine the depth of deterioration. 4. Degradation of concrete is a universal problem. The causes, type, and history of deterioration need to be evaluated in detail. They may include poor practices during the original construction. Improper joint spacing and any load imbalances also contribute to cracking and spalling. Typical causes of concrete cracking include: Load induced cracks: Cracks result when tensile stress due to repeated heavy wheel loads exceeds the tensile capacity of concrete. Shrinkage: Water reducers, though bene cial for workability, do not fully reduce the amount of water and water evaporation still causes shrinkage. During the chemical process of hydration there is reduction in volume. Resistance to consolidation and shrinkage from closely spaced reinforcement: Rebars may prevent free movement of concrete during the chemical process. 5. Additional causes for concrete cracking include: Drying shrinkage. Thermal contraction or expansion. Lack of appropriate control joints. Overload conditions that produce exural, tensile, or shear cracks in concrete. Restraint of movement. Excessive de ection.
Figure 9-8: D channel packet The call reference value is essentially a random number chosen to identify a particular call. Since there could be many (479) calls in progress at once, you might need more than a fixed length value. (In order to prevent confusion about which call is doing what, you don t want to reuse those numbers too quickly.) All signaling packets associated with a given call will have the same call reference value.
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An extractor must return a reference to an object of type istream. Also, the first parameter must be a reference to an object of type istream. This is the stream that occurs on the left side of the >>. The second parameter is a reference to the variable that will be receiving input. Because it is a reference, the second parameter can be modified when information is input. The skeleton of an extractor is shown here:
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